Yearly Archives: 2008

On Okinawa it wasn’t unusual for me to run into clients all over town. My husband used to chuckle because we couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone! Then it started happening in more obscure places, on airplanes coming back from a trip to Europe, walking to a temple in the middle of Kyoto, in a bathroom at a random international airport. It became a fun phenomenon for my little family.

When we got off the plane in Germany we were met by some of our closest friends, that was no accident and such a blessing. These were good friends of ours from Okinawa that my baby took his first steps too…you know the ones that become your family. We were so excited to be reunited and decided to grab some lunch after getting back to base. Imagine my surprise when I walk in and before I can even get through the door I hear my name called out followed by a wonderful hug! You should have seen my husband and kid’s faces! We had not even been in town for more than an hour and here I was being greeted by clients from Okinawa! We all joined together for lunch and it was so great to be seeing them on the other side of the world!

When she heard that I had sessions before Christmas she booked right away, I was so excited that I would be getting to see her and her daughter again. She drove the three hours here, and three hours home and I have to tell you that really touched me. To be worth such travels…especially when their coming gave me so much back.

Meeting all of my new families was such an amazing experience last weekend. But I will say there was something special about seeing such familiar faces that gave my spirit an amazing lift. Some of you will probably recognize them too…they have been such sweet, loyal clients.

Thanks Girls for coming all the way over here to see me! I feel so blessed. I hope you have an amazing holiday.

Hugs – SN

So many of my families this weekend are also new to Germany! We are all in this together, one thing different though, is that they are already working with deployments. In my last post Daddy was already gone and this one, he is on his way too. These Moms amaze me, as I am trying to put together the pieces of moving and feeling a bit overwhelmed, they are doing so often times alone. So my props to them and to the Daddies who have to go. This post is for you. You can see the love so defined from this special Dad. He stole my heart – but more importantly his families… come and meet one of our heroes.

I wish you a very safe deployment and know that all of you will be in my thoughts. Thank you so much for an amazing shoot. It was so wonderful getting to work with your fun loving family.

Many Hugs,


Today when I woke up the view outside my window looked a little different! No need for color today as it is all WHITE! The boys slushed their way to the bus and the hubbie is off to work. So I am here admiring my view all alone. That is no fun, so I thought I would invite you along.

It is so peaceful and serene. If you look closely you can see the flakes still falling!

Thanks for sharing in the bliss with me.


Lucky to have my very good friend helping me out on Saturday, who apparently was snapping away with my second camera!! I was editing this morning and found this shot of me! Had no idea I was the subject too!

When I came home on Saturday my hubbie looked at me with a big smile on his face and said “Some things never change – you’re SO dirty!” I had to giggle… that is me, even though the conditions may have changed, I will still find the dirt. Or mud pile as it may be!

Hugs – SN

And thanks Stac for this shot – you sneaky girl!!

I had a few family sessions just in time for the holidays. I loved getting to meet new people and these families were amazing this past weekend. I couldn’t have been welcomed by more sweet hearted clients. I cant wait to share each of them with you!

My first family session in Germany was with a very special Mom and her two kids. I loved how she interacted with the kids…they are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom!

If possible, she is even a little extra special as Mom came to me as a referral from my Okinawa days! Ready for this story… try to follow me for a second! She used to live in Virginia and my good girl pal and former client also moved to Virgina from Okinawa and what do you know they were neighbors! She saw my pictures on her wall and as fate would have it, I moved here and so did she! Now she gets to have her very own pictures on her wall! Thanks so much Stefani for the referral! Sure do miss you!

Now it is too bad that we didnt have any fun!!!!


I hope these made you smile!

Thank you so much you three for coming out and braving the cold and bringing some warm fun with you! I loved working with you and feel so lucky to have started out with such a fun and sweet family!

Biggest Hugs,