Monthly Archives: June 2008

The beginning…new beginnings. They are fresh. They feel so squeaky clean. That is one advantage to being a military wife. Every few years you get to personally have that new car feeling all over again. A chance to evaluate yourself, kick out the not so good, and nurture the good. That is what I love about new beginnings.

What better way to celebrate a new start than a new blog, here I have called it a journal. This journal will be a little different. A nice blend between the studio and me. I feel so close to many of my clients in Okinawa, and as our door closes here, I am not ready to say good-bye. My intention is to write about the latest studio goodness under -Naturally You- and all about me, well under -Naturally Me- sections… that way you can take or leave what you want or will.

I love that the pictures are so big here on this site. I have a custom blog in the works, but until it is officially ready, my friend Staci (long time friend – and a photographer in Germany too!) suggested I use this site. I was so tired of little pictures and the same old, same old. So I ran with it, and threw it together for you.  This will be our new home for a while until the new cutsom home is up and ready! Thanks Staci for the great idea!

Some of you know me quite well,and were probably taken aback, to see a picture of ME in the banner. I don’t get in front of the camera often but when my girlfriend Tessa asked if she could take pictures of me working – I thought how fun! She is a photographer here on Okinawa too…she is one of those top secret – undercover types! She hasn’t started advertising yet! She is great and took some shots that I will cherish for a very long time! So thanks Tess….once you are ready let me know and I will post your website too!

So the word has gotten out and I am all finished for the most part here on Okinawa! We are just weeks from our final departure from this amazing island.  I will be writing about our candid adventures to our new home in Germany under – naturally me – so we can stay in touch! And as for the journal – dont despair – I have 20 plus families to still share with you! I will keep the pictures coming all summer long!

So this will be a little, humble, journal about new beginnings and being the best we can be in this life. Please join in and share, it means the world to me and you may inspire others too.

I am heading out with another picture from Tessa! Boy do I get myself into compromising positions – smile! Yes, that is a big rock under my HEAD? I get so caught up and in the zone. Never do I come home without sand everywhere and cuts and scrapes! Who knew being a photographer could be so – dangerous – no – dirty. I guess I will just come home wet from rain in Germany! Or muddy – we shall see!

Hugs – SN