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This family gets me everytime! I am in love with their smiles, giggles, and connection. I think they will get you too. They are contagiously happy and sweet!

Please, dont make me take just one more…please!

Ok…but only one more and I will even give you a little grin!      Thanks you guys for an amazing morning. I love working with you three.

Hugs –


Less than a week ago during a very busy day, my family had an appointment. My kids shoulders crumbled at the sound of it. They didnt want to go and my words to them were, lets do it for Dad. So we stumbled into the conference room for my husbands re-enlistment ceremony. We have been to many before, and the ups and downs of our latest move, had left me less than patriotic.

It was a little ceremony, just the way my husband and I like most things to be, but it evolved into something much bigger for me.

Standing there watching my husband interact wtih his colleagues, and soaking in the idea that this reenlistment was going to take us to TWENTY years and could possibly be our very last, I started to swell with pride.

Pride, thankfullness, and love for my husband and his long time commitment to the military and to our family. In that moment I saw him differently.

There was great symbolism that day at the hands of my husband.

He choose the newest officer in our squadron to perform the ceremony. As this officer was fresh and starting his career, my husband was taking the first step to concluding his. This moved me as I realized we had reached a milestone in our lives.  I watched this officer re-enlist my husband, who was just a few years older than my son, and I couldnt help but feel connected and present in the circle of life.

Then I got home and looked through the pictures from the day and another wave of emotion hit me.

The uniform, the wedding ring, the pen. The Serena Nicole Studios pen that my husband said signed his papers by no coincidence. This left me speechless. This is our life together so perfectly scripted in one picture.

My husband says he is not a romantic…but for me this notion is better than any love letter ever written.

And now as I write this and reflecting back on this day, I cant help but feel overwhelmingly humbled with pride and love for my husband.

I love you honey.



Sometimes in my work, I get so busy and caught up with the many different hats it requires me to wear, that I forget for one second to cherish the most important part. I say it often and mean it from the bottom of my heart, I love my clients. I dont mean that in an artificial way. I truly do. When one of my clients walks for the first time, I get goosebumps too. Or when they graduate from high school, I shed a tear too.  When I see a little one that has grown to be so big, my heart skips a beat too.

So when a client takes time to share with me a difference I made to them, or a connection they felt too, you have to know, I shed a tear or two too. It means the world to me. No, it is what makes my world turn…this is what my work is all about.


I am so happy that you’re not near me, because I would just want to cry and kiss you all at once.  I would make a fool of myself and I’d like for you to think that I’m a cool and collected chick.  Alicia grinned ear to ear all Sunday.  She told us how beautiful you said she was and how you loved her hair and that she was a supermodel, etc.  She was so cocky confident that we were worried that her head wouldn’t fit into the car on the way home from breakfast.  You made an amazing impression on Alicia and being a mother of a not skinny minnie child it’s my goal to give her confidence and your words hold more weight than mine.  We (like everyone) were dying to see the pictures.  It was so thoughtful of you to work your fingers to the bone and get them out the next day.  I am truly amazed and thankful.

We rushed out of her hotel room last night when we found out that they were posted online.  We gushed and awwed over the computer and could not be more amazed or delighted.  I love them all so much.  I laid in bed last night wishing that I had an internet connection so that I could pour over them.  I think I dreamed about them last night and they were the first thoughts in my head when the alarm sounded.  I keep stopping random people in my hallways to take a look at the pictures this morning.

I just wanted to write you and tell you how 20 minutes with Serena will last a lifetime and how much I wish you were moving to ND!  I know you will find some beautiful castles in Germany and we’ll be drooling over your blog. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Much love,


Oh thank you so much Cindy for your sweet words. I will cherish them all the days of my life.

It is true. She is a supermodel. She has this special, amazing, beauty that just oozes from within. I felt it and I am glad that I could help her feel it too.

And here are the two stars of the show. Want to talk about connection. This brother and sister should write the book.

I hope you guys enjoy the peacefullness of ND…


I mentioned yesterday that I had the priveledge of hanging out with some fabulous girls in Naha. These girls were so much fun and it was nice to get out and about with other girls who love being behind the camera too.

Looking through my pictures when I got home I learned a lot about myself. I love people. I knew that…but I realized that to me, pictures look so plain without the personality of a person in them. We found a lot of personalities around Naha yesterday. These were a few of my favorites..

This sweet lady cutting beans was SLEEPING. Yes, sleeping while holding a very LARGE knife! I wouldnt recommend it. Especially to me, when I cut myself with my eyes wide open! She would wake up, cut a few beans, and nod back into dreamland. I watched quietly in amazement. She never even noticed I was there.

My childhood soundtrack was consumed with Bob Marley and now as an adult, reggae still steals my heart. Hence where the hippie mom in me originated. So when my eyes met the likes of this guy…my heart skipped a beat.

They were so giving of their smiles. Loved their energy.

Oh and this gentleman is my new boyfriend. Sorry honey. We started talking with him and asked to take his picture and he quickly pulled out his stylish shades and posed for our cameras.

I am in love.

And a few people busy at work…some happier than others.

I love Okinawa and all the walks of life that adorn its streets. Thanks girls for inviting me along.



my husband called me from work and let me know that there was a different option for our move. Those of you who have been following along, know that first it was June, then October, then September…needless to say it has been a ride! I have just been hanging on, riding with the roller coaster instead of trying to fight its every twist and turn. But this call was the huge throw your hands up in the air and hold your breath hill that every great coaster ride gifts to you.

With our departure in September came plans…lots of plans. So many plans in fact that I couldn’t say it all in one breath. It would take several paragraphs to explain it all. Renting a house, home schooling my children, start school here in Oki for five days…it was complex and worthy of an event planner.

The new plan is simple. Stay here until October…kids go to school…we get on a plane and go to Germany. No high school credits to worry about not meeting graduation requirements, huge savings in the bank account…the only downfall is not getting to see my family and friends. That hit me in the heartstrings when the call came.

It left me pondering what I would do with the unexpected time here in Okinawa. Notice the journal didn’t get updated, you cant see but my house didnt get cleaned…my whole world needed to stop for a minute and figure it all out. And then yesterday (while out shooting pictures with a bunch of amazing girls in Naha) it hit me.


I am right here. Right here in OKINAWA, and today is a gift. Seeing the YOU ARE HERE amidst the Japanese writing and points of interest really hit home for me.

You are here too – right where YOU are supposed to be. Soak it in and cherish every second of it.

So whether this new option pans out and we stay or the cards still say it is time to go in September…I am here today and quite thankful too.