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your Photography Class! Change around your schedules, and do what you have to, as this is officially your last chance! I am for sure leaving on a jet plane next week – so those of you that were hoping I would squeeze in another class on a different date – sorry my friends it wont be happening!

Here is the skinny:

A FULL day of photography FUN! We will start at 9:00 am on Saturday, AUGUST 30th and wont stop the fun until we are all done! (Roughly around 5ish – I am thinking – but I wont go home until the last question is answered).

What will we do?

We will learn or rediscover the photography triangle to good exposure and how to use them to get great shots every time (no experience required). This is a fool proof method to understanding your dslr camera and what will make it work for you.  The list is endless of items we will touch on…ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Metering, Histograms,… all MADE SIMPLE! Everything in plain English and the best part is that you will be able to use and understand them the same day! So put down the owners manual and come learn the hands-on way!

What do I need?

A Digital slr camera and a smile! (canon rebel, nikon d30….)

What experience do I need behind the camera?

None or Some, it works for everyone!

What is the Cost?

Returning Students:

This means you have taken my 3 or 4 series FUNdamentals of Photography class. It is ok if you missed a class or two during the series – but in order to get this discount you must have attended at least one of the classes.

$100 Class Fee (due at class) + $50 Deposit (due at sign-up)

To sign up please click on the pay now link below. You will receive a confirmation email (to your paypal email address) within 24 hours welcoming you to the class and full of information goodies!

Pay now

New Students:

$295 Class Fee (due at class) + $100 Deposit (due at sign-up)

To sign up please click on the pay now link below. You will receive a confirmation email (to your paypal email address) within 24 hours welcoming you to the class and full of information goodies!

Pay now

Business Dinner Add-on

Come have dinner with Serena Nicole and ask her anything about your photography business! Maybe you are starting a new photography business and have a few questions, or maybe you are just thinking of starting a new business and you are not sure what to do now. Ask away! This will be a group dinner limited to 10. So sign up quickly if you want a seat.

Dinner will be Saturday, August 30th 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

$100 Business Dinner Add-on (you must be signed up for the all-day class) 

Pay now

$200 Just the Business Dinner (not signed up for all-day class)

Pay now

See you soon!


There was a time when this little boy was simply a dream. I knew his parents then. They came to me for couple portraits years before their little one arrived. Then came the news that they were expecting and that I would get to be follow their family throughout his first year. I felt so blessed and amazed as I got to witness the birth of a family.

Now as he celebrates his first birthday I cant help but get a little choked up myself. A whole year already. Where does time go?


Thank you three so much for an incredible year. I feel so blessed to have been part of it all. I cant wait to see how much he grows while we are all in Germany! I look forward to seeing you guys on the other side of the world! Have a great move 🙂 .



I was just emailing a friend of mine and those words just fell onto the keyboard so easily. I re-read my email and realized that is exactly how I am feeling! Just days before our departure or maybe not our departure, we still do not know much more than a few months ago.

All of these ups and downs have left me speechless. So the blog, well the blog is speechless too. Hang in there I wont be far for long.

A few weeks ago a friend and I went to play…and I brought along the camera. This shot is so funny to me because our sweet little one was showing some sass! So when I thought about what photo to post today, my mind instantly went to this one.

Sometimes the littlest ones can express things so perfectly!

Many Hugs to all of You!

I miss you,


I gasped out loud today when I received an email from my client, my husband was in mid sentence of sharing a story with me, and I just froze up.

The sweet little baby that is in my last client post, stopped breathing last night. After several minutes he started to breathe again, praise God. But he is in the ICU and they are closely monitoring him to find out what happend.

I write this with heaviness in my chest and tears in my eyes. I just know everything is going to be ok, but we need your help. Whether you are the praying type or even just have a smile to send their way, I ask you from my heart to your heart to do so.

To little Michael,

Be strong little man. Be strong. You can do it. We know you can. Show us what is wrong and we will fix it for you. Share those sweet smiles with your parents so they can be strong too. So little, so sweet, so brave.

I will keep everyone here updated as soon as I hear something…

Many hugs,


Seems to be the story here on Okinawa right now. My email has been flaky and I have heard from other clients that theirs seems to be the same.

Soooo…if you are waiting to hear from me about something, for something, any something…my emails are currently all up to date and have been responded to…if you did not receive your email please email me again. Or you may give me a ring at 090-8291-5873. You will most likely get voice mail but I am checking them and will get back to you ASAP.

Hope this helps!

Have a Happy Day!