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Seven years. How do you sum up seven years in one measely post? I believe that you cant. I have tried. I have started and restarted this post at least a dozen times.

As I spent my last day on Okinawa I felt an overwhelmingly stong sense of gratitude towards the Okinawan culture and people. I am so thankful that they wrapped their arms around my family and let us in. I have never lived amongst a culture that was so free with their smiles. With their singsong greetings and personable character, I can say there was never a day that I did not feel welcomed. I have fallen in love with the fact that they drive outside of the lines and that high heels go with every outfit and outing. I will cherish this culture forever. I know that it has changed me. Changed me for the better.

Connections. To me a truly authentic expeience relies on connection. The connections I made with people on this island have moved me and will stay with me and my family forever. To each one of you, friends and clients alike, I thank you. Thank you for embellishing my time on Okinawa with giggles of laughter and loving support. I am forever moved by your kindness and steadfast loyalty. As we move forward, know in the deepest way how much you are still a part of me. I look forward to staying in touch and sharing the years to come with each of you.

The world is small. That is what I have learned living half a world from home. There is no place that is ever too far away. So please, my wish for you and I, is to stay connected.

As I say goodbye to an incredible culture, friends, and clients I give to you a little something to thank you. My most memorable and favorite thing to photograph while living in Japan were the Geisha’s. My family and I had the pleasure of capturing them while in Kyoto. So from my heart to yours… a 5×7 storyboard of some of my most cherished Geisha captures. Please feel free to save this image to your computer (click on the image and it will open a new page) and print yourself a 5×7.

***Legal must do….this image is allowed to be downloaded to a personal computer and printed at a 5×7 print size or smaller for HOME USE only. Larger prints are NOT AUTHORIZED. You may not sell, reproduce, share or complete any other use without the written consent of Serena Nicole Studios. Unwarranted use of this image constitutes a very large legal fine…so please be nice…it is a gift afterall. By downloading this image you agree to all terms.

In other, much more Serena-like words, print it out and hang it on your fridge or even frame it on your coffee table…and let it serve as a sweet reminder of your days in the beautiful country of Japan – Serena Nicole style.

If you can not get the image to download – you can visit this link and it should work for you :×7-storyboard1.jpg

I do not like good-byes…so this is just a see you soon! See you on the web, or in my email box, or maybe in Europe, or even in ten years!!! Just looking forward to when I get to see you again.

Sayronara Okinawa,


In the days before we left Okinawa my husband and I reached a milestone for the two of us. We had a special anniversary and we did our best to escape the chaos and mutiny of our move to celebrate. It left me pondering what makes a day special? Hitting the ten year milestone maybe I expected to wake up to fireworks or the sounds of angels rejoicing!

Then the phone rang.

It was my friend AVIVA. Our pictures were ready to see. We didnt have a big wedding with a fancy photographer. In our ten years we had never had couple pictures. So I thought this was a perfect excuse to get some of just the two of us.

I sat on her couch and watched the pictures come up one at a time and felt my eyes well up with tears.The fireworks started to go off. In the pictures I could see us…and celebrate us. I couldnt think of a better way to celebrate our day.

A few of our favorites, and as you may have guessed in black and white, which Aviva my AMAZING color girl, was sweet enough to do for me!

A special thanks to Aviva for making us feel so comfortable and using her artsy magic to help us feel so beautiful. I love that when I look at these pictures, I see my husband just the way I do. That may sound strange, but there is that special look or the angle that makes my heart go pitter patter all over again, and well she captured it and I feel so thankful. Thankful to be able to celebrate this special milestone, fireworks and all, for years to come.

To my husband…a very public I love you. You are my everything. My rock, my inspiration, my guide through this amazing world. I cant imagine one second of this adventure without you. Thank you for loving me. To infinity and beyond…


 P.S. – If you are on Okinawa and would like to check out Aviva, I highly recommend it! You can find her by clicking on any one of the pictures above. She used to work for me at THE Studio and has just recently launched her own photography business. I couldnt be more proud of her! Be sure to tell her I sent you, she will be so tickeled!


Important Announcement!

The email address will not be checked for the next TWO WEEKS! Sorry, I just cant physically do it! But as soon as I am settled in Florida I will be sure to hook up and check it. You can count on that!

For the next TWO WEEKS please use for all important matters that need immediate attention! I will do my absolute best to get back to you quickly!

More to come on my last days on Okinawa…good-byes are so hard.

Hugs for now,