Monthly Archives: October 2008

I haven’t forgotten you! We have arrived in Germany and just got internet! So I am back. Well sort of. I am covered in a sea of boxes! But I will be sure to check in with some pictures of this beautiful (and cold) slice of heaven!

Cant wait to catch back up with each of you!

Missing you,


It is official. Thirty no longer exists. I am on to bigger and brighter days.

I tried on thirty one today for the very first time and it fits just right. It is a comfortable fit, like your favorite pair of blue jeans. You know the soft ones that are frayed around the edges.

So as I gently toss out thrity and celebrate the days ahead with my new pal Thrity One, I thank YOU. Thank you for coming along on this fantastic journey with me.

Now for the official introduction. Thirty One, these are my good friends, say hello.