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told me that you were missing me. That even though I have been gone a few months that you still remember me! Well, that touched me….made me feel pretty special! So just for you little one…a picture of yourself on the blog to say hello, and that I am missing you too!

Hugs – SN

Today as I unpack boxes I find glimpses of myself throughout the years. The volleyball t-shirt from the sixth grade that I so proudly wore, the unbelievably ugly decorations that maybe should spend the rest of their existence remaining in a box, the cards that my Mother wrote me many moons ago. It has all made me a bit nostalgic and brought me to a day when I was home a few weeks ago. A moment spent around a table with almost all of my Aunts and the most beautiful and the strongest of all, my Grandmother.

You see leaving Okinawa I felt like I lost a little bit of myself. I went there, figured myself out, and when I left I couldn’t help but wonder if all that I found was coming along or if it would remain behind.

Then sitting around that table, hearing my Aunts interact and talk to each other, I saw glimpses of myself. I realized at that moment what I found in Okinawa would always remain because it has always been there. A gift blessed to me by the women before me. Women who loved me as their own and showed me the ways of motherhood and life from my youngest of days.

This thought led me to thinking of the woman who shaped me the most. The woman who taught me the value of hard work by working so hard herself. The woman who taught me emotion by sharing her untiring love to me. The woman, no matter how rotten I can be, loves me in my darkest hour and doesnt ask any questions. The one who as hard as it can be to hear, tells me to stand back up and to be strong. The woman I am lucky to call my Mom.

Living a million, it seems, miles from my loved ones there have been years that I have spent away from these women. Lucky for me, other women have come into my life, and stepped right in when life takes its many twist and turns, good and bad. These women have become family to me. They are those friends that you can say anything to. Many years can pass, but yet the moment you see them, it is as if nothing has changed. These women come into your life when you need them the most and love you until you are full.

Serena Nicole Studios is being reborn. My days are spent dreaming and planning of what is to come. I am becoming more and more excited as my vision is becoming more and more clear. It is going to be a beautiful new twist to my style and I am already in love with the ideas in my head. Seeing it come into reality is a dream for me that I cant wait to share with each of you.

As I dream and my visions are coming to life, I find myself pulling. Pulling from all the women in my life. Those I was blessed with as family, the wonderful ones I married into, and those friends that have become my family. So as I begin this new journey, I am not alone, nor can I take credit, for I am walking this path with all of them in my heart. So thank you. Thank each of you for blessing me so that I can dream.

With Love,


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Many hugs,


The very last session in Okinawa…these were taken just two days before I stepped on the airplane to leave the island behind. I couldnt have dreamt of a better session to send me on my way. It wasnt without tears but was full of enough warm fuzzies to counter the dripping mascara. The sweetness in the hugs and full hearted good-bye… I couldnt have said good-bye to my clients in a better way. This family summed up how I feel about all of you and well you, you were well represented.

This little guy. You cant help but want to eat him up. He is about the cutest thing. This Mom, well she deserves the patience award of the year. She knew I was leaving and said take your time with editing…and well I had to. The move forced her to wait millions of minutes longer than I would have ever wanted. But I hope it was worth the wait.

I was sure excited to see them on my screen here in Germany…

Thanks you three (and Kat too) for an amazing session to end my time in Okinawa with. I miss you all already and look forward to staying in touch! Give the little man a HUGE hug from me…

Serena Nicole

Each time I visit home there is a special little someone I am always excited to see. I guess since I do not have my own little girl, she is the next best thing. She is my cousins daughter and she is something wonderful. You see, my cousins and I, we didnt grow up as cousins. We grew up as siblings, so to me, an only child, they are my brothers and sisters and when they have babies they are my nieces and nephews! I lay claim to them, like it or not, he he!

This year she caught someone else’s eye and well it led to a family debate as to how close is TOO close to marry! You will see in a second when you scroll down and it will all make a little more sense!

You see my little man, he has decided he is a bit girl crazy but was willing to toss all the others aside for THIS ONE! They are going to get married and feed their babies candy… a few more years and we will break the news to them!

He he.

A big, public celebration is in order too. My cousin was sweet enough to bless me with another NIECE just a few days after I left Florida! Lucky me! Congratulations you Guys! Pictures to come……….next year! Oh man.


P.S. (Aunt M, I know you are reading! Will you please share this with Aunt S and let her know – pictures are in the mail! Love you!)