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We may have never met, but I feel that I already know you a little.

I hope that you enjoy meeting your little one through my lens.

That if even just a little, my pictures will help your time away go a little faster.

Sleeping Beauty

I know you must be so anxious to come home to your new beautiful family.

I loved watching your wife interact with your little girl.

I just know you are going to be amazed at what a natural, beautiful mother she is.

I hope that I was able to show you a little taste of that through my pictures.

Yawning Sweetness

Not to mention how beautiful your new little girl is…


It wont be long now daddy and you will be holding them both close to you!

Until Soon,


It was  a beautiful spring day, so we packed up the stroller and went for a little walk into the woods. I loved working with this family as they were up for anything! I could toss out my ideas and they would say, sure okay! It doesnt get any better than that for me. Here are a few from our morning together.

Asleep in the Field

My favorite...

Family in the field

I should mention that is was 50 degrees outside! You would never know it by their warm expressions and the beautiful sun now! But they were champs!


Daddy loves to be behind the camera so I tried to

Shhhh....sleeping girl!

Thank you three for a wonderful morning.

Until Soon,


I loved spending a morning with this little one. She was full of spunk and that is just the way I like my two year olds! It is a good thing, right?

Her Mom was as sweet as could be, and between the two of us, we ever so gently persuaded her to play along with our plans!

I am in love with her curls…

One of my Favorites...

Water play

Still for a Second!

Sweetness in her Smile

Thanks you two for a terrific morning.

See you very soon,


A few weeks ago I travelled to one of my favorite cities in the world…Paris. I had a wonderful time and loved playing with the city lights at night.

Eiffel and Louvre

The Eiffel

Paris in Daylight

Oh the bird man…he was very intuned with the birds! At one point he put the food in his mouth and let the birds eat it!!! WOW.

Kissing Couple The Louvre

For some of you who have found me on facebook these are no surprise! If you would like to see more you can find me on facebook too! More pictures of my weekend can be found on my personal site! I love to stay in touch with clients so look me up! My name there is Serena Nicole Chapel 🙂 See you soon!

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Until Soon,