Monthly Archives: April 2009

A few weeks ago we had a casting call for children here at the studio! With over 20 children, it was an amazing day of fun! I got to meet the coolest families and the kids were GREAT! Now you may be wondering why a casting call? Well it is NOT a beauty contest, or a photo contest…but really just a cool way to find some new local faces for Serena Nicole Studios! What does the winner win, you ask? A prominent place on my new website due to come out the first of next month! I also do a lot of advertising here in Germany and chances are you will see their face in one of my ads too! Fun for everyone…now I should say you cant loose really as every child will be featured on the blog and you may see a few on my new website too! So this is really just for fun and to let you all be involved in picking a favorite picture for my new website!

Here is how it will work! Every day for the next few weeks you will meet another child from the casting call here on the blog. Then on the 20th of April the voting will begin. All the rules for how to vote will be released on the 20th to keep it fair! Then the winner will be announced here on the blog on the first of May! Fun, fun, fun…

To get you ready, here is a sneak peek at what is to come!!! Casting Call Collage

Okay journal readers it is your turn to be in charge, who will you pick? We will find out soon!

Many hugs to all of the kids and families who came out to play,