Monthly Archives: May 2009

A little pause is needed…I have SOOO much to share with you but right now family calls. My son is in the hospital and will be having surgery in the morning. Any sweet thoughts and prayers you have for my big, little man would be loved…

See you soon, very soon.

For those of you expecting pictures, we haven’t forgotten you. Trying to find time to do it all!!!

Many, many hugs to you,


I absolutely loved getting to work with this little super star. He was so sweet and loved to run and play with me while holding my hand. My job doesnt get much better than that! We spent our hour singing songs and exploring! He was full of expression and his own little poses… too cute for words!

Giggily Poo

Sweetie Pie

Chair fun

Up to Something Silly!

You REALLY want to stand by this CUTE door, really you do!!! Sweetness


I love little boys with their long eyelashes and their sweet smiles. This little one stole my heart and melted it into goo!

Thanks so much for coming to play with me.


Dear Journal,

How are you?

I miss you.

I miss you more than you know.

I promise that tomorrow I will make time for you.

Lots of time. 

Time for you and I to update all of the others who spend time with us.

I have stories of inspiration and exciting news to share with you.

So tomorrow it is.

See you soon.


Serena Nicole