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This boy deserves his props…there is a story, here it comes!

As you may have noticed Spotlights magazine has switched to a bi-monthly publication. Well back in July, I was asked to shoot the cover for the back to school issue that was to be realeased in August. So I gathered lots of cute kids and did a shoot for Spotlights. It was quite the production but ended with some great shots for the cover.

The boy that was chosen was JUST OFF THE PLANE after just moving here! Full of jet lag and sleepy dreams he managed to shoot this beautiful cover:

Cover Boy

We were getting excited to see it on the cover until at the last minute we learned that Spotlights wanted to showcase the new KMCC Opening on the cover instead! We understand, that is exciting news…but were sure bummed that this Cover Boy didnt get his time to shine!

So to everyone who came out for the cover shoot and to this beautiful  ummm I mean HANDSOME guy and his family, thanks for being so understanding!

We are going to let you have your time to shine here on the blog!!

Much love to you…


I fell in love with! I love working with newborns and this little guy was a dream. Showed up sleepy and lovable! He was up for anything and cute as ever!

One look and I have a feeling you will be in love too…




Remember this?


Now we bring you this….



would fall in love!

Ahhh….love at first sight! I just saw this little hunkie fellow the other day and he is even cuter…is that possible? Stay tuned for his six month debut in January!!!

***Game ALERT*** Can you find the secret message in this blog post? If you do, and you are the first, you will have a $25 gift card in your mailbox!!!

HINT: You will need your mouse for this one!


Serena Nicole

Some of you know I have recently had to learn to experience life without one of my special loved ones. Since my Grandmother’s passing I have had a wonderful and often new outlook on the preciousness of life. I find miracles in every moment. I have always been privileged to viewing life this way, but now I can’t help but see it through her eyes as well.

There is a gift in every loss if you look hard enough…

For our family we did not have to look very hard at all. You see, two years ago we sat our two boys down and talked with them about maybe adding one more special person to our family. They both quickly agreed that it was a wonderful idea and my husband and I were ecstatic. The years to follow were full of busy times, hard times, learning times….and moving times! Months followed months until we pretty much thought that maybe another member was not meant to be for our family and started to make peace with the idea.

Then just a few days before my Grandmothers passing, the news came in the form of a GASP. I was late and sure enough after many negative test results, I was the proud owner of a POSITIVE pregnancy test. The first call I made was to my Mother. She was on her way to see my Grandmother and couldn’t wait to tell her the news… I felt so lucky to get to share the special news with her as I didn’t know how much more time we had together. She was excited for us and exclaimed “Oh, she is going to get her girl!”.

Then a few days later the news came, my Grandmother had passed away. The very day my Grandmother’s heart beat it’s last beat, our babies heart beat it’s very first.

Heart to heart…We couldn’t have been blessed with a more beautiful gift of life at a more beautiful time.


I am excited to share our journey with you my sweet clients and friends.

Already I feel that I should thank you for your patience and understanding. I try to always stay on top of email and phone calls. But with this beautiful gift of life, I also got an AMAZING case of  extreme morning sickness. Which often left me on medication and in bed up to four days a week. That  left me just 2 – 3 good days a week to be a Mom, Wife, and Photographer. To say it has been a challenge is an understatement! So thank you. Thank each of you for your understanding. The good news is that I have had SEVERAL good days in a row and I am optimistic that the worst is behind us!

If you are still waiting to hear back from me, I have tried to contact everyone who has been waiting, so please be sure to email me again! Thank you.

Until Soon,