Monthly Archives: October 2009

For those of you who have known me for a while I have a little challenge for you! Can you place these kidos?

Special Kidos

Come on now think hard….it is pretty amazing that I got to work with them again!!! I can not wait to share the whole story so hurry up and get your guesses in!!!

Clue…think CLASSIC Serena Nicole shot that had me working at one location lots and lots and lots!!!

Hugs to you my friends!


Here is a little sneak peek of a special sister session I did recently!



They were so sweet and super fun to talk with! I look forward to sharing more with you soon,


This little princess has grown so much. It has been so fun to watch her right before my lens! I love her six month smiles and personality.  I hope you will enjoy her too.

Look how much she has grown!

What a sweetheart!

Look at me!

Teething time!


Flower Child

I absolutely love my job! Six month olds are so much fun to capture. I love seeing a glimpse of their little budding personality! I cant wait to chase you around and giggle together at your ONE year session, oh my lets slow down! My heart cant even go there yet!

Many Hugs,


A little out of order and I have SO much to share with you, but in the attempt to get on a normal schedule of the sneak peek coming before the gallery, I decided to go for this post!

She was such a doll…love the feel of fall in this shot. Little Lovely

More to come soon…lots more! Pictures, pictures and more pictures!