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This little one pretended to be shy…I say pretended because I could see right through it! I knew he was full of fun and giggles. But I played along as I always do. I took my time and went slow through his moment. I thought I would share with you the evolution of a smile. If you are gentle and patient it will come.

In the first moment he still needed Mom’s hand… Mommy

then he let go…and brought his hand to his mouth…I knew I was getting closer!

Little Fingers

and then it started to…oh no what is that….


wait for it….

Big One

a big SMILE!!!

I loved it because this moment was so brief that Mom didnt even see it happen. Right after I got this shot she told me ” He doesnt like to smile in pictures much”, I said “oh really” and smiled to myself because I knew she was in for a treat!

Until Soon,


I love my job. I mean really love, love my job! For some of you, you may know already that I used to be a teacher. I loved working with children every day and watching them grow and learn so much over the course of the year. I would cry as each year would end as I would miss them as my own children. With photography my role is so different. I only get to spend a little bit of time (in comparison to a school year) with the children I work with. Even though, the feeling is no different. Being able to connect and spend that time with a child rocks my world. Especially for moments like these:


As a teacher I always hoped that I was reaching my students. That they felt something that I felt in that amazing teachable moment. Now with a camera in my hand I am able to freeze that moment and look back and see the connection. Proof is in the moments captured. Connection. That is why I love, love my job.

Until Soon,


Being in my third trimester now everytime I read my titles of What to Expect I feel like I should be reading about what is coming next in my pregnancy!! But no, this is for you!!! Last week I shared with you what you can expect from a newborn session. While this week I thought I would share a short sampling from a Child Session.

I hope you enjoy!

For a Child Session I have a different strategy that I do with the little Newborns. I play and play and play and also take time to sit back and talk quietly and do all the different motions to get different emotion! Depending on the child’s personality sometimes the parent is involved in this process and sometimes I ask them to take a little bit of a back seat and let me do the interacting. Either way the entire session is based on YOUR childs personality. There is no cookie cutter session that takes place. If your child is quiet, I too am quiet. Shy…me too. Energetic, well I am always sure to eat a good breakfast!!! 

I love working with children and I can not wait to work with yours too!

Have a wondeful weekend!

Serena Nicole

I had SO much fun with guy.  We joked and laughed and were just plain silly together! Then he pulled out Mom’s camera and started taking pictures of me! From what I hear he has a pretty good eye too! I love his personality and you never know, maybe one day he too will work from behind a camera! Wouldnt that be great? Well I can say one thing, the camera LOVES him!


Thanks for making my day and for sharing your fun personality with me!

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

is simply beautiful just like his Momma. I loved all his hair and when you hold him he is like a warm, ooey, gooey bundle of bliss. Did I loose you there? Or do you so know what I mean? He just melts in your arms!

Handome Beauty

Did you see how sweetly he is holding onto the fur… he loved it!

Sweetness I say.

Thanks for another wonderful session and I can not wait to see you again at 6 months! I can only imagine the little personality to go along with all that sweetness!

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole