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Just as promised I wanted to share my little crush with you today.

There were so many favorites that I couldnt narrow down his session for the blog…

So I bring to you….my sunshine!

I hope you loved it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until Soon,


Hormones I am blaming this moment on hormones. I was just getting some work together and saw this picture of a very special client and it made me teary eyed. Teary eyed for so many reasons. It was a quiet little moment in the middle of a busy session that happend so naturally and that we all know I love. Then it made me feel blessed that I, yes little me, will have a little girl soon to share these tender moments with.

Mushy Moment

Thanks for indulging me for a mushy moment,

Until Soon,


Just sitting here wondering how many of you watch Extreme Home Makeover, the television show where they take a family in need and TOTALLY tear down, redesign, and remake their home. I can never escape my tears when I watch that show.  It is so touching and really speaks to me about how giving a little to someone can dramatically change another life and then in return another and another. The photographer in me has noticed the last several seasons that they ALWAYS include new black and white family portraits of the families in the new home. Big Ones!  That is always SO touching for me to see as I firmly believe that the family portrait and portraits of the children should be lovingly displayed in every home. Not just because I am a photographer…even before I did this amazing job for a living I had family pictures everywhere! There have even been psychological studies showing the postive impact on a child’s self esteem when their photo is displayed in the home. The study continues to show how pictures are a visual recognition of belonging. Sorry, I am getting a bit off track here!  Reeling myself back in. So you know that I love pictures in a home and that  I am totally touched that Extreme Home Makeover always uses portraits as decorative pieces. For years I have always wondered who took the pictures….and dreamed big of wanting to be THEIR family photographer. To be able to be such a part of the touching stories. Then one day I was visiting a blog of a fellow photographer in the states and she blogged all about her experience on The Extreme Home Makeover! SOOO that is how they do it, they pick a local photographer to where they are shooting. It all became clear to me. Knowing that I am far from living in the states and being ‘local’ to their show, I started to dream on how I could still give back.

That is when it hit me. Since EVERY home deserves to have family portraits proudly displayed I could do my part anywhere in the world. So why not here. Why not for you. So I have designed a little contest of my own. Just as families have to ask to be on the show. I will have families ask for an Extreme Portrait Makeover! The family that wins will receive…

– A FREE FAMILY PORTRAIT SESSION (a 1-2 hour on location portrait session) 


An example of a few different wall displays offered by Serena Nicole Studios:

Wall Gallery Examples


So now you may be wondering how do you apply to win for your family or another family that you love? It is easy.



2. Your application can be a LETTER, VIDEO or anything you come up with! Just needs to get the message across of  WHY your family or the one that you are nominating deserves to win. (Entry becomes property of Serena Nicole Studios and may be shared in studio and online.)

3. Must be available for a portrait session in MAY or JUNE.

4. ALL APLICATIONS ARE DUE TO ME VIA EMAIL OR TO THE STUDIO BY MIDNIGHT MARCH 31st. The winner will be announced by the middle of April.

That is all it takes to win. I look forward to seeing your entries and hearing your stories.


For those of you that may not be quite as ambitious, Serena Nicole Studios is now offering an all inclusive FAMILY PORTRAIT PACKAGE.

It includes:

– 1-2 hour on location session

– ALL images on CD

– $100 print credit ( to help get your own wall gallery started!!)

– Online Gallery

– Viewing Session

This session has always been the most loved by Serena Nicole Studios clients as it includes ALL of your images on cd. Completely retouched and ready to print and archive.

Contact the studio right away if you are interested in booking a Family Session for your family. Sessions are extremely limited! For more information please visit:

So excited to pay it forward to one lucky family so get your entries in soon!


I think I have had a crush on this little guy since his newborn session.  Okay I don’t think, I know I have!

He just stole my heart even more for his sixth month session.

I am SURE he will yours too….so proceed with caution!

Hi There!


It was a VERY cold and snowy day but we still snuck outside for a shot or two! Here is my favorite…


There are so many pictures from this session that I want to share with you…soooo…I am going to save some surprises for you and post his movie on Friday so you can see them all!

Pop your popcorn now, he is a sweet one!

Until Soon,


Hello my Friends…I am happy to report I am back! Phew. My family and I got hit with THE flu bug and it took us all for a ride of a lifetime!

We were all up early and really eager to start our day back to real life today. That rarely happens but I think we are all a bit more appreciative of ‘healthy’ daily life now! 

Those of you who are reading and live here locally know that our weather has been amazingly unpredictable. Kids going to school, coming home early, not going…for any parent around here it has been hard to know which way is up or down! All of that uncertanity and living my last few weeks of pregnancy made me feel like I was living life at the pace of a slug!!

I think though, I have hit my second wind! I am ready for these last few weeks of pregnancy and even have some much needed energy! I am looking forward to several great clients in the upcoming weeks and will be anxious to share them with you too! I have a few great interviews planned to inspire you and lots of pictures and postings.

So today I leave you with a sneak peek of a CUTIE PIE! He is sure to bring a smile to your Monday!

Cutie Pie

More of this little guy tomorrow!

Until Soon,