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I love you. I love everything about you. I love you so much I broke every rule in this picture to show YOU just how much I love you. I love your warmth. Please, please do not go away.

Sunshine Love,

Serena Nicole

I was so excited to see my little ONE year old cutie today! She has grown so quickly. Seems like just yesterday we were capturing her newborn and six month sessions wimper, tear drop!! She came to play today and guess what? She just was not feeling herself. That happens with children from time to time, so it certainly didn’t worry me a bit. We just made plans to play another day! Mom and I suspect she might be feeling a bit under the weather.

All of this got me thinking. This is why you choose a personal photographer who truly cares about your kidos as much as you do! Before I come across sounding like I am trying to toot my own horn, which I so am not… I remember taking my own children to photographers and well, you got what your kids gave them not matter the situation. There was never a choice to come back another day (unless you wanted to pay). And well let’s face it…I do not know a child who is predictable EVERY day of their lives! 

Here is a little sneak snapshot from today… just to keep you excited until her big day when she is feeling better!

To hold us all over!!!!

I love her little fingers in this one! They make me want to just gush on her!

Looking forward to playing more soon!


Hello Friends.

So often I hear from you that you wish that you could do something different, or something that you truly love for your job.  Sometimes you are the stay at home mom and other times you may be in a job that you do not love to pieces. I hear it often. Often enough that I thought I would start a series here on the blog to inspire you. Inspire you to do something that YOU love for your job. Something that speaks to you. So I have lined up people who are doing just that and have interviewed them to find out what made them take the plunge. Hopefully through the people I bring to you, you will be inspired to make the jump! Imagine if everyone was doing something that they truly loved! What a beautiful world.

Today I would love for you to meet Liz Davis. Liz DavisLiz is a cake decorator that caught my eye when she made the most incredible little cupcakes for my baby shower. They were gorgeous. So I thought I would sit down and ask Liz a few questions…

SN: Liz, how long have you been a military spouse?

Liz: I married my husband ten years ago while I was still Active Duty in the Air Force. Four years ago I separated from the military and have taken on the role of being the spouse!

SN: What are some of your hobbies?

Liz: I love to bake. I love sweet stuff coming out of the oven. Even if I am not the one to eat it, I just love to make it! I also love jewelry. Everything about jewelry!

SN: How long have you been creating cakes?

Liz: I always have liked baking but I never knew I would enjoy creating cakes until I took a cake decorating class on base last year. I took the class wanting to learn how to make cute cakes for my own kids birthdays and then I fell in love with creating cakes!

SN: What made you decide to move from creating cakes for your kids to doing it for others?

Liz: I found that people in this area did not have much to choose from; the commissary or to make a cake themselves. Once I saw that I could make something more creative I wanted to share with others that may have been in the same boat as me (not having many choices).

SN: When did you decide it may be a good job for you?

Liz: Just this last December.

SN: How is the new business going for you?

Liz: People are really spreading the word and I am getting very busy. I have had to share on my blog that I am already booked for all of March!

SN: How is your new business working for your family?

Liz: Cake decorating is VERY time consuming. I think many people think that you just throw together a cake and it looks beautiful. I spend allot of time getting the decorations just right. I have even spent 6-8 hours on one cake before. Since I have become very busy I have had to learn to balance and to know just how many cakes I can do, so that I am not taking away time from my family. I am finding that the more that I make the cakes the faster I am getting and the more CREATIVE!

SN: What is your favorite part of your job?

Liz: Being creative. I will say I do not love making character cakes because they do not leave much room for me to be creative. I love it when a client says to me…I need a cake for a special event and here are the colors I would like to use. I then feel the most creative and I think the cakes come out even better that way! I am definitely the hardest on myself when it comes to making it just perfect.

SN: What would you tell others who may want to do something that they love but aren’t quite sure if they should?

Liz: I would tell them to go for it. Get educated on what you love and then just do it! Being a military spouse overseas, if you do something you love, you can take it with you when you leave. If you work at a typical office job you may not be able to take that experience with you. So just go for it and make the jump!

Thank you so much Liz for your inspiration! After spending time and talking with you I hear so much of what you are saying about balance and finding it while working at home to be the same that I experience here at the studio. But there is nothing like working for yourself and being able to make your family a priority anytime they need! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

You can find out more about the cakes that Liz creates at her business blog: Cutest Lil’ Cakes.

Liz Davis

Liz and her two ADORABLE kids at the interview!

Until Soon,