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If there was ever a family that made you want to smile, it is this one. Oh my goodness. I had so much fun watching them play together and their smiles are so genuine and well, they just make you smile too!

Oh how I love playing with families again! I have missed the interaction so much. There is nothing like the emotion of a family! And getting to capture it…well it means the world to me!  I had forgotten just how much! Especially ones that are so gracious with their sweetness!

Just a little studio note…if you are wanting to get your family captured during this beautiful summer you want to email me soon as I only have a few sessions left!

Thanks you three for a great morning! I had a blast!


Oh little V is so great. I smile just thinking of her! When I talked with her super sweet Mom before the session she mentioned that her little girl really did not like to wear dresses.  I still encouraged her to bring along her favorites just in case. I was totally thinking I could work my magic and talk her into wearing a dress for her Mom. Umm, well I would love to feel cool and tell you that I was able to do just that,  but it turns out she REALLY DOES NOT LIKE DRESSES!!! I even tried lollipops! It all worked out great as I love for the kids to be themselves…and well if she really does not like to wear dresses the last thing I would want would be her two year old picture to be in a dress! So we dressed up in our adorable velour sweatsuit and had some real girl fun!

Isn’t she fun? I loved this session! Her Mom ordered an AMAZING CANVAS that I can not wait to see!  I will get a few pictures of it to share with you before I give it to her so you can see! Thanks so much for stopping by to share in my fun!

Until Soon,


Happy Monday Friends! I am so excited for today to finally announce the winner for the Extreme Portrait Makeover. The letters came in and they were so touching. But one letter definetly stood out from the others. When I first received it and read it, I cried. It really touched me. And it seems to have really touched the judges also as it was chosen for the winning entry! So I would like to introduce you to Laura and to her story…

When I was 21 I was married to a man that was great and loved our kids. We had an 18 month old and a 4 week old when it happend. One morning I was woken up by loud snoring, I was laying there with my husband and our 2 kids. My husband was having a heart attack and lost all oxygen to his brain. He ended up passing away from congestive heart failure May 23, 2005…This was so hard, days went by that I was so tore up and upset and I knew that I had to go on for my kids. Months went on and I did all I could with the help of my family. Then one day I met my husband now, he was in the Army and was a great man. He loved my kids like his own. He took them in as his own and married me. He has done all he can for them and treats them wonderfully. I am so blessed to have him and so are they. My kids do not know about their father yet and one day I will tell them when it is time. Since then we have survived 2 deployments and have a child now of our own. I truly feel that with all we have been through that we deserve to get some great pics taken of us and how happy we are now. I want to thank you for doing this contest and I hope you find the right family. God Bless.

Laura, I can not wait to capture your happiness now. Your strength and courage is beautiful. I am looking forward to meeting you, your wonderful husband, and of course your three children. Until Very Soon.

As for the rest of you, I look forward to sharing Laura and her family with you soon too.

But since a post is just not as fun without a picture I thought I would share with you my little Jackson. His favorite thing to do is to eat!!! I think we are going to have a little chubby boy here soon!

Thanks for sharing in my little fun and Congratulations to Laura and Family! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Serena Nicole

You have seen a few sneak peeks of this little Sweeties first birthday, so I wanted to come and share a few more highlights from her session! I have loved watching her grow from when she was just a little newborn. It is so hard to believe that she is already ONE! It is even harder to believe that she is moving away in just a few more weeks. I will certainly miss her and her Momma too!

As you can see we had some fun with the first little taste of sun that we had this spring! It was a cold morning but she was so full of life that we stayed nice and warm!  I even caught her playing with the sun in her hand (the portrait with her little arm stretched out) as I think we all had forgot just what that big, bright thing in the sky was this winter!!! Such a blessed day.

So just a little goodbye for now. I hope that our paths will cross again one day soon!

Many Loves…


So wow, some of you are probably wondering where in the world I have been. Me too! I have been in a timewarp better known as NEW MOMMY LAND. I didnt think it would catch me this hard being this is my third time around, but boy was I mistaken! What I did not take into account was the fact that I was nine years older than my last go at this and well that makes a huge difference!

Many of you know that I have been expecting our third little one for some time now. Many of you also know that I have two boys and we were expecting our little Princess this time. Yes, 100 percent girl we were told by our ultrasound tech…paint the world pink. AND BOY DID WE. No pun intended. I had an UBER pink baby shower, created a beautiful PINK nursery and every bit of clothing, you guessed it PINK! You have probably already guessed just what happend or if you live in the area you have probably already heard!!! Our little princess was born an INCREDIBLY LOVABLE PRINCE!!!  It is amazing to me how 20 weeks of thinking you are having a girl and how excited you are can be all erased immediately upon meeting your little boy. He is amazing. Every little detail. I find myself just staring at him in amazement. And now. I can not even imagine my life with a little girl. I HEART MY boys. All three of them. I feel so blessed.

So now I would like to introduce you to my little PRINCE…

Jackson was born on March 21st at 6:12 am and weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. 

A funny little story… I had 12 clients to finish up in the month of March ( I was due in April) and I kept telling my husband and friends that I think after I finish shooting my last clients of the month, I am going to go into labor. I really felt I was just holding on for that moment!  And wouldnt you know it, I finished my last two clients on MARCH 20th, and just a few hours later I WAS IN LABOR!!! It is amazing how strong your intuition is if you just listen!! 

Just about two weeks after little Jackson was born I found that I was just not recuperating like I had with my other boys and ended up needing surgery.  Needless to say, this has left me a little bit behind here at the studio. I do have the most amazing and understanding clients EVER! And I do PROMISE to get back to work early next WEEK. So if you are waiting on something from me or need to meet with me or anything STUDIO RELATED, I have not forgotten you and you will be hearing from me VERY soon!

Thank you so much for being such amazing clients and friends…and thank you for sharing in my families excitement of our new little Prince!

I can not wait to connect with you again soon!

Serena Nicole