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Some of you already know that I am fond of reality tv. For me, there is no better way to relax than to curl up with my lovies and watch an episode of the latest reality show. Just the other night we were all nesteled up on the couch watching American Idol and I got all teared up after a perfomance by one of the contestants named Lee (see the performance here.) It was a powerful performance where you could see him come into his own all right there in front of the camera. The performance was extremely moving but what he said after moved me even more. He said that the moment was amazing for him but then to look out and see the audience reacting along with him made it even more powerful. When I heard him say that I could relate more than ever. For years I loved being a teacher but when I choose to become a photographer it was my amazing moment to feel my whole life come together and click for the first time. Then on top of that amazing feeling to receive the love and praise from all of you along the way has made it that much sweeter. So today I say thank you.  To get to do what I love in this life is a dream. Thank you for dreaming along with me.

Little ones have an amazing way of showing you life’s little moments. (It could have something to do with living life in cute little two hour time spans around feedings!!!).  I have loved watching my boys interact this week and have realized that I am missing the little moments with my camera. So my new project starting right now is to capture the little things. I think I will start to post them here too. For two reasons. The first to hold myself accountable!  The second, to inspire you to see the little things too.

Thanks for listening to my little ramblings today…I was just thinking of you and wanted to say hello.

For now I share with you my little one at six weeks old. He is getting such a cute personality.

Next time, I will share some of our little moments with you…

Until Soon,


I just love these two little Sweethearts! I met their Mom when she was pregnant with her two miracle babies and now I just can not believe how much they have grown. They are so lovable and each of them have their own personality, which I just loved getting to know! It is funny because they are exactly the opposite of when they were newborns…the quiet one is now the outgoing one and the one who was all about the camera at six weeks is now a little shy and totally into her Momma! Too cute!

There is something special about twins…and I love to capture it! Thanks for a fun few hours!!

Until Soon,


Dear Mrs. Smith,

Please continue to love me after I torture you with a million portraits to choose from. I know I promised you that I would narrow it down. But I can not do it. Your little one is just too cute. I hope that you will find it in your heart to forgive me.


Serena Nicole

P.S. Here is just a taste of the torture to come!

During the last few weeks of my pregnancy I kept saying I must finish my last 16 clients and then, and only then can I have this baby!! This family is special to me. I am lucky enough to call them not only clients but friends as well. Dad was getting ready to deploy so I knew I just had to get them squeezed in before the big arrival. They were in fact my client number 16.

The morning of their session I woke up with the ultimate checklist in my head. Just moments out of bed and I was rattling off a list of things to do to my husband. I just knew I would feel better after I had captured this last client and I had checked off all the things on my list. The most important – the commisary – of all things! I just wanted to be stocked up on food I suppose!

Just before their session I threw all my gear into my car, threw the car into reverse and BAMMMM ran right into my husbands car! Those of you who know my husband, well you know how much he likes his car. I just started to bawl. I then put my hands on 10 and 2 and drove ever so safely the rest of the way to the session. I felt just so scattered all morning long.

I arrived to the session and had a blast. They were cracking up at me as I was hugely pregnant and still running around and bending this way and that. I had such a nice morning. I joked with them as I told them the story of when I had hit my husbands car, and said that I must have this baby today, so he will forget about the accident!!  We finished up the session and I was off to get home and finish my list.

I scurried around the house and got things all put together. Then we were off to the commisary! Phew, I felt so much better. We arrived home at eight that night put all the groceries away, tucked my son in bed…then off to bed ourselves. I was EXHAUSTED! My husband and I layed in bed and were (no kidding) talking all about my pregnancy and its many ups and downs when I felt a gush! I looked at my husband with big eyes and said…”umm Honey, I think my water just broke!” In disbelief I ran to call the doctors and sure enough it had! As we were packing for the hospital (somehow that WASNT on my list!) my husband just smiled and said “the funny part of this is many people wont know that you have said for weeks that you would have the baby today!”.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:00 that night and I was holding my little prince at 6:12 the next morning. What a blessing.

The cutest part was when the Mom from this session kept saying “we are going to help you go in to labor for sure” and I kept giggling thinking there was no way. She was sweet enough to come and visit us in the hospital and let me know that she called it! That she was going to take credit for helping me out!!!! I think she is absolutely right! I cant think of a better way to go into labor!

Here are a few moments from their special session…

I am so thankful that they will have these portraits while Dad is gone. My wish is that they will help them feel closer together while apart. I will be thinking of you all during this time. Thank you for letting me be a part of this time of your life. And thanks for being a fun part of Jackson’s big day!

Oh and by the way, my husband did forget about his car. At least for a little while. Wink.

That day was truly something special.


A few posts back I showcased a beautiful Momma to be.  Well we both share something in common. We both love Cherry Blossoms. When I was pregnant and thought we were having a little girl, I had this shot in mind for months. I new she would be due just in time for the cherry blossom tree to bloom in my yard. Well when our little princess was born a prince I thought this little girl might be ther perfect little model for my shot! Then I found out her Mom loves cherry blossoms too! So it was perfect and so meant to be!


Isnt she sweet. I just love the little bubble resting on her lips. Simple Sweetness.

Until Soon,