Monthly Archives: June 2010

A little sneak from my busy weekend of shooting. I met some amazing families and shot in some beautiful locations. I am so excited for work this week! Lots of editing in my future. But for now a little peak into my fun.

See you soon,


For any of you who may have three kids, I am sure you can relate to what I have learned in the last few months. You see, when it was just two kids, I always felt like I could keep them both balanced. I have two hands and I could easily toss them back and forth between them and keep everyone pretty centered. Once you add number three you really have to get talented. I have taken a crash course in juggling. You can no longer hold each one in your hand and you constantly have one that is up in the air. There is a lot of time spent hoping that whoever happens to be up in the air at that moment, feels treasured, and well that they will stay happy for one more minute until you can toss another up in the air. Of course, all of this is just figurative, I could not possibly toss my 17 year old up into the air! But for many weeks I just couldn’t place why I felt so frazzled as a mother. Once it hit me that I was just juggling, and that everyone could have a little piece of me, I felt our family start to really come together. Now a few weeks later, and we are getting to be quite harmonious. I could have my own act in the circus!

Speaking of three… here is my little man at exactly three months old.

How time flies when you are juggling!

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This little boy has the most beautiful eyes. They are sweet like sugar! I had such a fun morning playing with him. He was the perfect amount of sweet and spunk! You can tell that he loves his Mommy and she knows just how to make him laugh. They were both so nice to spend time with! Here is just a little sample of some of our fun.

I love his little German outfit, what a great little touch to remember where we are. Thanks for a fun session!

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I had so much fun spending time with these two. This little man is one of the smartest kidos I have ever met! He knew so much about bugs and animals…I learned quite a few little facts!! So now I can sound a little smarter too! They were up for anything and that always makes a session so much fun. At one time they were off exploring and I encouraged them to move a certain direction and they did and only AFTER they did were they making crazy faces and so as we giggled I asked what was happening… that is when they shared that there was a DEAD BIRD right at their feet!!! Now that is some dedication to a great portrait!!! Here is a little snapshot of some of our fun together!

Thanks you two for a wonderful session! I cant wait to get Mom all alone for her special day too!!

See you soon!


This little boy was so much fun and had such cute spunk!

I loved my time with him and his sweet Mom.

I am having almost as much fun editing his pictures!

For now to hold you over, a little sneaky peeky!

I love his sparkly eyes and that little curl peeking at us from the back!

Until Very Soon,