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This little boy stole my heart when he was just a few days old. With his little chubby cheeks and long eyelashes. It has been so wonderful to watch him grow this year.

He was so cute during his one year session. He was a sleepy boy and shared lots of  the cutest little yawns!

A little tender hearted to see this year pass so quickly. Just in time for a new little brother to arrive!

Happy Birthday to my little Crush!

Lots and lots of hugs,


A few days before this session I received an email from Mom. She mentioned that she was really worried because her little one had stranger anxiety now and she was concerned it may be hard for her session. She wondered if I had any ideas on ways to help. I had an idea that I had used several times and sure seems to do the trick every time! Luckily this Mom is awesome enough not to think I am crazy!!! I told her to print out a picture of me and make it a part her daily activities the day before her session. Bring me to breakfast….bring me to play with toys…have a day with me and be really excited about it!! So the next morning I got the largest smile when I received another email from Mom saying that I was enjoying oatmeal and that she was loving our little game!

It worked like a charm, the next day we only needed a minute or two to warm up and the session went fantastic! Especially by the end, she was a HOOT!

Here is a little of our fun together.

Oh, I should add, as we were moving from area to area we would all pretend to hear a dog and then ask if she wanted to find it. The grown ups were all feeling pretty bad by the end of the sesion because to her dismay we just could not find that dog. We were even saying  that we were going to find her a dog somewhere because we felt so bad! It was the end of our session and out of the blue, a man walking his dog came up through the field! It was like a a walking miracle! And he was the nicest dog. Turns out, he was a therapy dog and he was extra gentle and sweet. I had to snap a shot of our little dream come true!

It was the cutest thing, during the sesion she would call out Ree-Ree do this or do that. Ree – Ree, her little sweet voice would say! I loved it!

Before I go I want to share the cute little series of her with her own little wagon. Complete with her little doll going for a ride!

Thanks you guys for such a sweet session! I am going to miss you when you move all too soon! Oh, and give little J a hug from Ree-Ree!

Until Soon,


Military life usually means a busy life. Then when Mom and Dad are both in the military you can only imagine that life is often even busier. That is one thing that I love about my job. I get to spend time with families when they are getting to enjoy all the little giggles and love. This family, oh this family is so adorable. One afternoon with these kids and you will want three more added to your own family. They are witty, genuinely funny. and great kids to spend time with. Oh and the littlest man – my new HEARTHROB! You are in for a ride with that little guy! Hang on to your hearts…

Thanks you five for such a great afternoon. I love spending time with each of you!

Until Soon,


It is amazing how fast a year can go by! I love that I get to watch my little ones grow!

Here is this little guy one year ago…

six months ago…

and NOW:

Happy Birthday Special Boy! You have grown up so much and you are still my little crush!

More of his one year session to come soon.



I am off to bed for the night but wanted to send out a sneak peek of a sweet little girl!

Lots more to come soon!

Good Night Friends,