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Another Itty Bitty Sneak Peek!

I just have a second but wanted to share this special Princess with you!

That my friends is SWEET BLISS. Ahhhhh…

See you next week with lots of posts!



tiny taste of what is coming! I love this little moment!

What you dont know, is that this sweet look is special for his Momma!

More soon,


I am in love with being in love and these two are IN love! Are you still with me? And I loved getting to capture it. That is a whole lot of love. I am having a love fest today!

Here is a little of our fun:

You may have guessed that this is Cassandra! I am lucky enough to have her on my team here at the studio. Just this morning she saved me yet again! I lost a long list of numbers and she found them for me! Some of you will be getting a call today because of it!! I love having her here and I am here to tell you, you do too! It means I can stay on top of my game a little better! Thanks for all you do Girlie!

Thank you for the fun session too! I love working with couples!

Until Soon,


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about who my client is. What type of family do I work best with. What type of family do I really get to express myself with. So I think I have figured a few things out. And I am one lucky girl because so many of my clients get it. They get what I am all about!

My client loves to play with their children.

My client loves to giggle and laugh.

My client loves this moment and wants it captured candidly.

My client loves the sweet, quiet moments too.

There are so many artists out there these days. So many wonderful people behind the camera, that I think it is important to understand what your photographer loves before you choose them. I, as one, love moments. I love to capture all the imperfectly, perfect moments. Most of the time that means not everyone will be looking at the camera. The younger your children, the more candid our session will be. If you have an older crowd, your session will be a little more scripted. All in the name of fun.

A word of thanks. A special thank you to my clients who allow me to be me and appreciate my art. There is no greater love.

This family gets it. Probably because Mom loves to spend time behind the camera too. I met her in my photography class and I have to say, I adore her. I feel so lucky to have been able to capture her with her family. I understand what a gift that can be too!

Thanks you three for a wonderful session! I love your smiles!



I love this family! Mom and I chatted before the session all about her kidos. She mentioned that he can be a hand full so I showed up with my A game!! Turns out I didnt need much! We played and giggled and the smiles were a plenty! This Mom is so beautiful from the inside out. I just cant say enough! So I will let the pictures tell it all!

Thanks so much for an amazing time. I hope you will cherish them forever!