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Serena Nicole Studios Holiday Schedule:

The Studio will be CLOSED from December 15th through January 4th. ALL phone calls and emails will be returned NEXT YEAR!! Booking requests will be taken in the order received (via email and phone).

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to celebrating 2011 with you!

Before all this beautiful snow (you can tell I do not have to shovel it!) I spent a little time with a sweet little girl. She was such a doll. This session took place on a pretty chilly day but you could never tell!

The one thing about shooting on cold days is that the babies are great one minute and the next, well they are done! That is exactly what happend with this little princess. But as I was editing I realized she gave me a clue, I just did not notice it at the time. She told me – ONE MORE PICTURE – by holding her little finger out. Wouldnt you know, after that shot, I got just one more! Too cute!

I hope these pictures bring you warmth on this cold day!



Driving to this session I could not see a thing! The fog was so thick and then all of a audden when I was just a moment or two from the session, the fog cleared. It was beautiful.

This little guy rocked the session. He was so cute and Mom and I found ourselves continually saying Awww. Oh Awwww! I love shooting when kids get to be kids!

Here is a little taste of our fun!

Thanks for a wonderful session! I cant wait to see you again soon!



Kids come in all shapes and sizes. Even some come furry! That is the case with this family. Their family started with two of the furry kind. I was lucky enough to get to capture their family when they added a little boy to that family earlier this year. This time it was time to bring out all of the family. This session was fun and the best part for me was updating a favorite picture of mine. You may remember the “Fresh Baked Bread” post from earlier in the year. Well now it is time for the Fall Harvest!

Such a classic and fun session. I loved getting to meet the other two kids this time!

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday,