Yearly Archives: 2011

I can hardly believe it is time to go. Our time here was magical. The beauty of this country will always be something I remember fondly. It may be the prettiest place I have ever lived. To walk outside my door and step foot on a path through the country side was a dream come true. In Germany, I learned my love of travel and that the old world speaks to me on a level I never knew possible.

The friends we have made are like family. It is hard to leave, but I am so thankful to have had them by our sides. You , my clients, have welcomed me with open arms. I hope that our paths will cross yet again. For one thing I know is true, this world is small.

I leave on a journey. A journey away from it all. Where I hope to refresh the studio to a place that reflects me and how I have grown while here. I hope that you will visit me as I launch again on Valentines day, 2012. A day to celebrate my love for my ever suportive clients, friends, and family.

I will see you on the other side…stateside that is.

Until S0on,

Serena Nicole

These two make me giggle. Every time I see them I just can not stop smiling! I met them a few years ago through a friend (Staci at Simply Taken Portraits) and have been lucky enough to watch them grow. Their bond is pure sisterly love.

We met for their session in the evening hours at one of my favorite locations. The girls just went crazy with laughter and fun while running in the long grass, picking flowers. They found at least 20 ladybugs and watching them play together while trying to catch them was all the entertainment I could ever dream. It was such a feel good session.

Their Mom has become a favorite too. I am going to miss this sweet family as they move to my old home, Washington State.

I wish you four wonderful travels and years of bliss. Thank you for sharing your sweet girls with me!

Many Hugs,


Sitting down to write this blog post and the only word that I have for you is layers. I am not sure what to do with it, just promised that if I write, the message will come. When I saw this image through my camera I thought about my life. A life full of layers. Moving through one at a time, each nesteled up to the one before. Each layer reaching out more and supporting the one after. I then reflected on the layers that are holding me up today. The ones far in the distance, small in nature, that nurtured me in the beginning. Each layer representing a piece of time; the friends, the places, the triumphs or the hard times. But most importantly representing who I am today. Because without the layer before there wouldn’t be this layer. Without those friends, those places, the hard times and the triumphs, I wouldnt be who I am today. The relevancy of this message seems cliche as I am ready to start a new chapter in my life, or have you, a new layer.

I like this layer. I really, really do. I love my friends that are so supportive, the clients that I have grown with the last three years, the families that have become like our own. The thought of moving on and leaving this behind can be intimidating. To pack up everything we have, and literally fly into the unknown. We do it all the time, but the older I get the more absurd it can feel. And then I look back on the layers of seven years ago and I think what if I didnt follow my heart? What if I let all that fear and intimidation take over, and I stayed right where I felt comfortable. Where would I be? I wouldn’t be writing you  here today. I wouldn’t have experienced the most amazing journey of growth and expression. I wouldn’t be me.

Change can be so many things. It can evoke fear within us. It can be hard to move from what is comfortable to the unknown. I ask, what are you to fear?  Look at the layers, each supporting the next, the one before and the one after. You must grow. Take away the fear and allow the layers to hold you up and support you on your next chapter.

Until Soon,


This little guy may melt your heart. His lips, his sweet peaceful slumber, his mother’s embrace.
Blissful sigh. Nap time anyone?


I firmly believe that life does not happen through coincidence.  Sometimes it is all about a little nudge inside and what you do with it.

This time that nudge was fuzzy. Strong enough to spark an action for what I thought I was supposed to do. But then the details started to fall into place for something larger than I could have imagined or planned myself.

These two. One may think it was a coincidence that they both showed up this day. But I dont think so. Born on the same day. Just hours apart. These two, before we even met, sparked something inside of me.

And this is what I saw.

These two at just a few days old have a message. A message that landed with no coincidence in front of me. And now I share it with you.

Together we can change the world.