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The moment this family hopped out of the truck I knew I was in for a good time. It was FREEEEEZING out but they all had smiles from ear to ear. Even Dad! Between the shivers I shot away and giggled too. We worked fast and they were so easy going so we just kept chugging away and before I knew it we were finished! I hopped back in my car and it had only been 40 minutes! That is a family that knows how to rock it!

Here is a little of our fun together:

Such a beautiful family! I love that the cold just made you snuggle closer!

Thanks you five for such a fun session!

Until Soon,


I love how the littlest ones can really show how precious life is. Even as such a tiny little fellow, this little one had so much personality. I loved all of his expressions while he was awake. Then when he dozed off, the sweetness that just makes you want to cuddle him close, shined through. Ahh. New Little Ones.

Thank you for a wonderful session. I was so excited to finally meet you!

Until Soon,


This family is no stranger to the blog. They have been here before. All because I have been lucky enough to capture them on their journey from a sweet couple to a family of four. With our lifestyle that doesn’t get to happen very often. So when it does, it is extra special.

It came time for this family to move to their next assignment but not before one last shoot capturing them officially as a foursome. It was a beautiful fall day and I will always remember it fondly.

Here is a little of our fun!

I wish your family a wonderful next assignment. And when I start to feel a little sad, I remind myself that I know I will see you in Florida. Thank you for a wonderful few years and your sweet friendship.

Until Soon,


are on my doorstep, singing sweet songs…channeling a little Bob Marley. When I looked at these girls this morning, that is what came to mind. So I had to change the words, just a touch, and sing away!

This session was especially sweet because it was a long time coming. This family was in Okinawa at the same time we were. She wanted a session so badly, but was not able to get in. So she shared that when she learned she was coming here, she emailed me right away. They had only been here a few months when we were already hanging out having a shoot! It was so great to talk about all of our favorite places in Okinawa. We all agreed that we would have rathered been on the beach or eating at Coco’s Curry, or getting our nails done at Cocoks! Those of you from Okinawa, will know just what we mean!

Instead we met on a very crisp and fall day in Germany! Here is a little of our fun together!

Such a cute relationship between sisters! So happy to capture it and to be in Germany with you!

Until Soon,


Well Hellooooo There!

I am feeling pretty good about myself. I have made it to the blog today! I am so happy to share this next family with you. Since we have been in Germany they have taken my family in like we have always been in theirs. The oldest is on a fantastic voyage to the United States to nanny for a very lucky family. So before she left we decided to get a few portraits to remember their time together. I just know they will bring a smile to your face, because their smiles are the most contagious ever.

I loved my time with them!

On that note, I would love to spend time with you too before I go. I just added up how many sessions are left for the year here in Germany. I have 13 spots left open. LUCKY THIRTEEN! Here is how they break down:

January: BOOKED

February: 2 Spots Left

March: 2 Spots Left

April: 3 Spots Left

May: 1 Spot Left

June: 1 Spot Left

July: 1 Spot Left

August: 2 Spots Left

September: 1 Spot Left

If you would like to grab one of those spots before they are gone, just let me know!

Jackson is up from his nap so I am off for now!

See you tomorrow!