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Hi, its Jonathen! I have taken over my Mom’s blog! I am spending the day in her shadow, watching her every move! In her shadow it is very busy! I am ready for a NAP and it is only 11 in the morning! I indubitably like to take pictures. I found that out today! I like it most because it is what my Mom does. The camera feels great to hold in my hands. I like the feel of taking pictures with my Mom’s camera and I also like entertaining the kids too.

I started today interviewing my Mom. I like the way it feels in my Mom’s office, it is very inspiring. I also learned that math is pretty important in her job!

Then I had a photo shoot with Keith. He is 3 years old. He would go exactly where I told him to go. Then I came into the office and my Mom showed me how to edit the pictures. Editing is a little boring! But then I got to make the video, and I really liked that. I picked out the way the pictures would move and then found a good tune. Now I am here typing this blog post!

Check out my pictures and my movie below!

And CUT!

See you later,


And I am not talking about the round O shaped cereal either! Over spring break I was lucky enough to have some clients down from England. We went to play at an old German castle and the best part was all the giggling. This little guy brought along his entourage and they were full of silliness (sneak a peek at his entourage in the last picture)! Stinky sock silliness! They had him laughing so hard he could barely breathe! It was a dream session for me. A really cute boy, a beautiful Momma, and lots of laughs!

Now that spring break is over, I must say Cheerio, in my best British accent! I hope you had a great time in Germany!

Thanks for all the giggles!


Technology is an amazing thing. I feel so blessed to be so connected to this world with just a click of the mouse. But sometimes I feel it is important to unplug from it all. To stop and look around yourself and celebrate the little blessings. So that is my gift to my boys for spring break. To unplug and totally focus my love on them.

With that said I will be away from the office, computer, civilization – okay maybe I am getting a bit carried away! But the office and the computer will not be near. I will be back on Monday the 18th and will be recharged and ready to give you all I have.

Cuddle up with yours and I will with mine.

See you next week.


I am not talking about the who you know kind. But more, I am talking the who you love kind. The people you are lucky enough to make connections with. Those that will last the miles and turns of time. Those that every time you think of them, make you smile. Those connections that I am so priveledged to make with my clients.

It had come to the day. The day we both knew was coming for some time. Our day to say good-bye as a new adventure awaits. I thought I was going to be strong, and then she thanked me. Thanked me with the sweetest words and a tremble in her voice, that shook me deep down inside. With each word and tear, I felt my purpose stronger than ever. If only she knew how much she had given me. As she walked out the door ,without a thought, the words I love you flowed from my heart. We exchanged one more tearful glance and a smile…I love you too, she said. And I had to close the door.

It happens over and over. I get to meet the most amazing people. I get close. I have to say good-bye. It can be a heart wrenching cycle. But then if comes full circle.

In the last several weeks we have been working towards our new assignment. Trying to figure out what is next for our family. We have had two offers that were both so different. The first was in a comfortable place and felt just right. So when that one got turned upside down, my heart went along for the ride too. Then came an assignment option that wasn’t as pretty up front, but turned out to have everything we needed. Within hours of finding out about our second option, I remembered that a client of mine had moved to that area. I sent her a message and she responded with such sweet excitement, that immediately I felt at home. Just as I started to picture myself there, we found out that option number two is not for us either! Now we wait. But while waiting, I have realized something very special. No matter where we go, because of these amazing connections, someone will be there to welcome us home.

So now as I say good-bye to this sweet client, I realize that the sad part of the cycle is worth it, for the connection that remains is priceless.

And the memories are too. Especially the ones from this session! I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt! It started off simple enough but by the time we left EVERYTHING was wet! It all kept falling in the water! From our boots all the way to my camera lens! It is a session I will never forget!

What great memories. Even with all the splashing it was such a sweet session.

Notice I haven’t said anything about good-bye…I know I will see you again!



or should that be Mac and Sebastian?

I have never met a dog with a more charming personality. But none the less, Sebastian was still even more charming, so he wins!

I loved this session. Every minute of it.

I am so excited to share these portraits, but for now, just a peek to hold you over!

Thos eyes say it all!

Until Soon,