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I firmly believe that life does not happen through coincidence.  Sometimes it is all about a little nudge inside and what you do with it.

This time that nudge was fuzzy. Strong enough to spark an action for what I thought I was supposed to do. But then the details started to fall into place for something larger than I could have imagined or planned myself.

These two. One may think it was a coincidence that they both showed up this day. But I dont think so. Born on the same day. Just hours apart. These two, before we even met, sparked something inside of me.

And this is what I saw.

These two at just a few days old have a message. A message that landed with no coincidence in front of me. And now I share it with you.

Together we can change the world.


Another family on the move. It seems that so many of my clients are moving soon! They are such a sweet family, They happen to be moving just an hour away from my hometown. So that is great news! That means I know I will see them again soon.

I loved being able to capture some of their last sweet moments in Germany.

Thanks for a wonderful session.

Until Soon (literally!),


I can honestly say that never before have I met a family with such genuine happiness. I have met many, many amazing and happy families, please don’t get me wrong. But the dynamics of this family are a rare find. Getting to photograph and capture them was a dream. Getting to do it twice in Germany, a dream come true.

The best part is that their happiness is contagious. You walk away feeling that the world is a better place. And with them in it, it truly is.

Until Soon,


Truly this post originated to explain my absence from email, the phone, and the world’s wonderful web. But then I got to thinking, I could really use this time to share some thoughts that are weighing heavy on my heart today. And thus, explain my absence all the while.

Yesterday, while driving home with my newly graduated son, we started talking about a Kindergarten memory. In that instant it seemed like it was just yesterday, for both of us. I know you have heard it before. But as your friend I am writing to you today. Letting you know that in the struggles of motherhood, the struggles that are a reality to even the best of mothers, they pass. They pass so quickly in fact, that I need tiny little wipers on my swollen eyes to finish this line to you.

I have always taken my job as a mother very seriously. I had my oldest when I was very young and I feel this seriousness was born from wanting to do my very best for him. Wanting him to have everything that an older, more seasoned mother could offer. Sitting where I am right now, looking back, I hope that all that seriousness equates into love. That somewhere in his heart, or one day when he has his own children, he will understand why I had to take it all so serious. I had his success, happiness, future in my young little hands and I wanted nothing more than to do my best.

Today as I try to clear this feeling that I can only describe as foggy, I have reflected on it all. My favorite memories, the ones that tug the hardest, are from when I let go of all that seriousness for a moment. From the unexpected. The memory that comes to mind as I type this is from when he was a preschooler, I was filling up his bath and I picked him up and threw him in with all of his clothes on, the look he gave me followed by the most contagious giggle will be with me forever.

So what does all this mean? Today, do something unexpected. It doesnt have to be big. Just something that will stand out in your heart. So when you are sitting here in my shoes you can have a smile too. Trust me, you will need an extra one.

Here is my graduate. Yes, mine. I want to keep him all to myself, two year old tantrum style. And for today, I am. That my friends is my explanation for not writing you back on emails, or calling, or being on the web. Because for today and maybe tomorrow too, I just need to think about my graduate. Take a moment, breathe it in, and prepare my heart to set him free.

I have never felt more proud. He makes it so easy to be his number one fan.

Serious Love + Unexpected Fun = Cherished Childhood

Until Soon,


I remember flipping through his old black and whites. Delicately turning each page, in awe of every capture. Pictures of places I had never seen. People I didnt know. Sitting still in that moment. I was young. I had no idea that the flutter that I felt within would one day ignite my own passion. I remember the stories of the old photo studio they once owned. Pictures that he took of my Grandma. But I never knew him then. I knew him as Grandpa. The one who would make my ear disappear and reappear like magic. What I would do for the chance to sit and talk about those days.

Then my heart quickly shifts to my other Grandpa. The one I never remember without a camera in hand. His glimpses of candid life were loved by all. As a teen I remember with a heavy sigh having to squeeze in this way or that. But then he would come by with a hand full of pictures and again I was mesmerized. Loved looking at all the moments he had captured. His photos are my favorite. It could be us doing absolutely nothing but now means absolutely everything.

It is funny how life works. How you look back and realize that all along you were being inspired. Both the love of the candid moment and the business of photography were handed down to me as a gift. A gift I cherish deeply.

I got a little package in the mail when I  opened the doors to my first studio space. It was from my Grandma and in it was my Grandpa’s camera. The one he had used to take pictures of his family long before I remember. I cried and cried as I held it in my hands. That camera sits prominently in my studio still.  I look at it daily and thank my two shinning stars for showing me the love of capturing the moment.

I have wanted to capture his camera for a long time. I couldn’t think of a better way than to place it in the hands of my boys. Mixing my two loves in life, family and photography.

This is a little glimpse of a project I am working on for my new site…

I hope you enjoy it.

Until Soon,