Monthly Archives: January 2012

It is the last day of January and the temps were in the 60’s! It has been an unseasonably warm winter this year. We have been soaking up the sun after three dreary winters in Germany. Jackson missed his Daddy on our weekend getaway so it was the perfect afternoon for some warm and sunny outside play. I love watching Matt with our boys, he is such a sweet Daddy.

Moving around the world has its advantages. With each new adventure you have the benefit of tossing away parts of yourself you are not too crazy about and relishing in the ones you are. With that process it is easy to loose a little piece of yourself. Especially true with this last move. During this move I seemed to loose all of it. It is like having a blank slate. Which isn’t all fun. Lucky for me I have had wonderful friends to help give me back my pieces. Erin (  is the friend I have always wanted to raise my little ones with, wishing she could always live right next door again. She is such a natural, gorgeous Momma. This weekend she reminded me of the joy of mothering. For that gift, I am forever thankful. I had so much fun talking about decorating, cooking, kids and old times. What a great way to spend a weekend.

Jackson met a new friend in Alabama, Barbie! He kept trying to move her hair to see her face, and when he was successful he would smile so big. Then the hair would fall back down and he would look for her face again. He has never seen anything like it so he was pretty excited to learn that such things exist!

I will never forget the sounds of Jackson’s giggles as he played with all the neighborhood kids while visiting Erin in Alabama. There were so many kids playing and they ran around in a pack and little Jackson would run right in the middle and squeal with delight. He had always heard all the German kids running home from school and he would try to find them but they were too fast. SO this was perfect giggling fun!

Jackson is the best traveler. This was the first trip where he really realized we were on a plane. From the “WOW” when he saw the airplanes on the tarmac to the “WEEEEE” as we took off that brought smiles to all the passengers around. He was a joy. Most of all I loved the cuddles as we celebrate one of his last trips as a lap baby.