Monthly Archives: February 2012

Because we lived overseas Tyler had to wait to get his license. I was the Mom taxi for a few extra years so it is surreal to see him driving my car! Crazy enough, I never feel nervous in the car with him as I expected I would. He does pretty good that Tyler. Then tonight, it was AWESOME. We ran out of milk, and as I sunk with the idea of having to go back out, I realized, Oh TYLER can go get milk! And that he did. I could get used to this! I have a sneaky feeling that Jonathen won’t be 19 before he gets his license!!


And for a moment everyone was content. Jonathen proudly pulling his brother around the neighborhood, Jackson enjoying the ride, and me and my honey walking together enjoying each others company.  I am pretty sure today can’t top that.


From the moment he walked through the door we have been busy juggling. Kids, homework, work, kids, dinner, kids, bedtimes, it seems to never end. But the one thing that always gets me through, is knowing I have this to snuggle next to at the end of the day. One day it will be just the two of us and although there are moments where that sounds magical, for now, I find refuge in these arms and savor the chaos all the more.


Early this morning he told me, “I got it”, he had figured out a way to make the game work. Yesterday, he was busy coming up with a new monopoly game, the day before, I am sure there was another. He is contstantly brain storming. He was shocked this afternoon to learn that it was after 6 at night. He had been working for more than two hours on his game! He thought it had just been thirty minutes. Oh, how this Mom can relate. When you are doing something you really connect with, time flies. So happy to see him enjoy that side of himself too. I am really looking forward to playing this game tomorrow. Hopefully I am smart enough!


It was game night and the emotions ran the spectrum tonight! The funniest part of the night was when Jonathen got dealt ‘no dice’ (skip your turn) five times in a row! To have it happen once or twice in a game, maybe, but FIVE times! That became hilarious for all of us! We laughed, we cried, we poked fun, and most of all we enjoyed each other. That is what family time is all about. There are so many life lessons that can be learned around a game table. With all the ups and downs that a game can bring, it becomes all about being able to stay strong during the downs so you can enjoy the ups. It was painful to watch at times, but I loved witnessing Jonathen learn that first hand at our table tonight. Better with us and surrounded by people who love him so that when real life throws him a down, he will know how to pick right back up. What a great night.