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The bus stop is literally right outside our door. One might think that would make it easy to catch. Yet, we missed this bus 4 out of 5 days last week! So this morning there was a little victory dance when he made it on!

The tricky part is that there are four or five buses that all come at once, or some a minute a part. So knowing which one is which makes it a little bit like a game AND the bus driver doesnt mess around. If no one is standing there, they aren’t stopping!

So this morning I sent Jonathen out 10 minutes early just to be sure. I am pretty sure he thought I was crazy. But I bet our odds go up this week!

Connection. There is not a single thing more important if you think about it. You could have all the grace, love, sophistication, money but without connection, they would have no purpose. I find that to be just as true in my art. The connection between two or three people lures me in like like nothing else. Without it, I would have no purpose. 

Then there is the connection I make with my clients themselves. I first met Emily and her family seven years ago at the very beginning of my journey. When I knew what I wanted to capture but still had so much to learn about the how. There were people that followed me along and kept me believing. Emily was certainly one of them.

 (a portrait from seven years ago)

 To leave such an impression that they would drive hours to meet back up, years later, means the world to me. That is exactly why I do what I do.

Until Soon,


I just hung up with Tyler. Tonight we talked and laughed and even sighed all about what it takes to be a grown up. His comment was that he just didnt have enough time for fun after work and college and all of his responsiblities. It is real now. He has officially become a grown up.

It is something we all have to do. I am constantly talking to Jonathen about work ethic. Try that conversation with an eleven year old boy whose idea of responsibility is, is, hmm I struggle to find something to type. Bottom line is that it is my job to help ease my boys into the reality of being a grown up while balancing the enjoyment of being a kid. After all, we all know that time doesn’t last long enough.

As for Jonathen’s chore list, it is coming back in a major way. It just took a vacation long enough to move and get settled into the new house. But with that, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Work ethic must be taught. The more we ask our children to do, the more normal it feels to work. Without it they will never be able to leave home. The world will be too overwhelming.

Or is it more that we have to teach them the enjoyment of work. It feels good to be productive and to achieve small goals. That enjoyment also keeps you inspired to find new projects and so on.

I guess it is both.

Matt and I were driving home from the grocery store tonight and he looked over to me and said it had been a good weekend. Our weekend was full of hardwork. Two days spent working in the yard. So I looked over to see if he was serious! He was. He went on to say it felt so good to be productive together.

So with all of this, my talk with Tyler, my chore chart with Jonathen and my productive weekend being a grown up with my husband, I realize the value in the word work. With that comes clarity, what I really need to teach my boys is to embrace it and to feel its potential. Instead of looking at it as a chore and also to remember there are times in our lives that we have to work harder in order to have more enjoyment later. That one is for you, my Tyler. And one day your other brothers too.

Okay, okay this move is taking an embarassing toll on my body! I used to move almost yearly in my early twenties. I must have been crazy!

We worked in the yard today and about three this afternoon decided we needed to try out the local cupcake shop to treat oursleves! It just so happens to be right next to a chinese restaurant, so we got an early dinner too. Double score for me. While waiting for the chinese food we gobbled down a few cupcakes! (They were delicious and if you are local you must try Columbus Cupcakery)

Hopefully soon I will be recovered and our healthy chef will return to the kitchen, but for tonight it was dessert first!

Our two older boys were born talking. I mean it! And anyone who gets to spend time with them will tell you, they haven’t stopped. Our Jack is taking his time with his words. He keeps them private and when he does decide to share, it is really special and everyone tunes in.

I made the call today to have him evaluated not because I am worried. More because I want to make sure all the mechanics and plumbing that are needed to form his words are okay. It would be so sad to learn in a few years that there was an ‘easy’ fix.

I have to giggle because one may imagine that he is a quiet guy. But that is so not the case. He has his own language and talks all the time. In fact, he is very animated.

He doesn’t show any signs of frustration but I still often wonder what it must be like to have all those thoughts and not be able to share them. So the connection we had this morning was extra special. I asked him all the colors, and as I would say each name, he would point right away with a big smile. He knew them ALL. I was floored. I had no idea!

I can’t wait to hear what he is thinking with that amazing mind of his. I am patient, for I know it will be worth waiting for.