Monthly Archives: May 2012

It sneaks in, starts with just a throb but this time it turned into much more. I tried to fight it all day. But it kept sneaking back in. I willed it away, but it was relentless. By 7:30 it had taken over. Jackson must have seen it in my eyes. He did his bedtime routine almost all on his own. He didnt even ask for a book. He turned on his little night light, gave me a hug and kiss and put his arms up to get into bed. He loves books, that has never happend. Jonathen locked up and tucked me in.

The world had no choice but to stop. The pain was so intense, my stomach churned, and the world spun me to sleep. My body was shutting down, forcing me away from my thoughts and chores.

I haven’t had one this intense in over 10 years. It is a scary reality when you are in charge of everything in two little peoples world.

It is my ultimate sign that there is too much in my world. So now, to filter.

Our street is quiet. That is a wonderful thing in theory. But I mean, there are houses around where you wonder if anyone even lives there. I often ask myself, how can that be? I am outside more than I am in when the weather is nice. So it has been lonely in my neighborhood. I often would dream about having some girls to walk with, or share the days stories with on my front porch but thought it may be a lost cause. Until today. I was out walking Jack in the wagon and two girls stopped me to chat. Turns out they live here in the neighborhood. One, just a few doors down. They have littles and immediately I thought how amazing this could be. We exhanged numbers and I can only look forward to what is next. So thankful.

For some meals a spoon just won’t do. Taco rice is Jackson’s absolute favorite. When all else fails it is our trusty standby. It must have the perfect proportion of rice, cheese and meat (with carrot and spinach puree, shhh) to make an ooey gooey delight!

Tonight he made me giggle. He laid back in his chair and just shoveled it in. You can even see a little smile in there.

He got frustrated. He asked for help. We gently declined. Forcing him to push through and shine. And that he did. He created his shelter and turned the sprinkler on to test his structure and it worked. If only he knew what an amazing life lesson he just learned. When life gets tough, get tougher and you will weather the storm.

Haircuts, check. We are officially ready for summer. Jonathen decided to take the plunge and that it was finally hot enough to get a short cut. I love seeing his face. I find myself lost in his eyes.

I wanted to capture the boys with their new haircuts so I took them out to our backyard. Jonathen took Jackson by the arm and cuddled him close. I LOVE the way Jackson is just barely tolerating it in this picture. I will always remember who my cuddle buns is.