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This picture makes me think, makes me wish I could go back in time. For this picture melts my heart with Jackson’s concentration and the beauty of the moment. But there is more you can’t see.

Jonathen is holding the branch down for Jackson. THAT is the story and yet, I did not capture it the way I remember it in my heart. I now long to see his hand holding onto the other side of the branch…

Truth be told I was caught up in a very busy mommy moment. For I was trying to get this shot, make sure the baby didn’t eat the wrong thing, and all in an instant it was over.

This is why a little more than halfway through the year I love this project. It forces me to find the story, to tell the story. And today, I feel pushed to get better.

In the meantime, I have to settle for my words. For they will remind me of the sweetness that was just out of frame.

When she wrote to ask, I was beyond flattered. They had left such a sweet impression on me in Okinawa, so to know I had done the same, made me warm and fuzzy. When it came time for our session and they pulled up, I am not sure if they knew but my eyes were full of tears. Happy tears as I hugged them. I love what I do, you have heard me say it at least a hundred times. But even more so, I love the connections that I have with my clients. Being asked to capture their lives as their children grow, all over the world, leaves me speechless.

Everyone kept joking with me when they heard I would be shooting in Oklahoma. Poking fun at where I would be shooting. I have to say Oklahoma City won me over. The city has everything. EVERYTHING. And I hear I only saw a little tiny portion. Then right outside of the city are these little neighborhoods with beautiful homes and country living. There was beauty everywhere. I am not sure what I thought Oklahoma would look like, but with all the jokes and poking fun, I didn’t imagine it would steal my heart like it did.

As we drove around scouting locations (thanks a MILLION Brenda) I saw this little fireworks stand. I mentioned this a little in my post on the fourth of July, but in case you missed it, it’s worth hearing. The firework stand had a beautiful field in front of it and was so full of character and fun. I yearned to shoot there but set up a different location just in case. When the Lown family pulled up wearing red, white, and blue, I literally gasped and had us all pack back up into the car and drive straight to the fireworks stand. It was the perfect backdrop for this fun and sweet family. It reminded me to listen to that little voice and follow it.

Their session made me laugh so much my tummy hurt. Then there were these moments that just stole my heart…I managed to capture both and I can’t wait to share them with you. I hope you enjoy a little Oklahoma City love. I am already looking forward to my next trip there.

Until Soon,

He was digging through his toy basket and turned around with TWO binkys in his mouth. I instantly had to giggle as it was too cute, but even more funny is the fact he would never take a binky as a baby. Hence why they made their way to the toy basket.

The story gets better when several times, I have caught him running around the room with them in his mouth. Causing me to think it may be time to get rid of them, as there are better habits to learn. LIke say, cleaning up our toys!

I have a very special place in my heart for cousins. My cousins were such a sweet part of my childhood. They were my brothers and sisters. So when I saw this group of cousins, I couldn’t wait to get to play.

This image melts my heart, I hope it will yours too.


P.S. This image is shown in color on my fb fan page….I know, what has gotten into me? 

He came down the stairs in his jeans and reached for his shoes. When I glanced over it looked as if he was wearing Jackson’s jeans. They were so tiny! I knew he felt taller but now it is obvious that he has grown several inches this summer!

He couldn’t understand why I wanted him to change his pants. “These are my skinny, ankle jeans” he said. That would be a good trend, for we have a whole drawer of them!