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I feel like I am constantly telling myself, don’t forget this moment. Hang onto this one. I will say this night is one I think will be easy to remember. There were so many times that I teared up while listening to Jonathen sing along with Jason. On the way home, Jonathen asked me, so Mom, what job do you think I would do best at? I turned to answer him and he was fast asleep. I spent the next hour driving and dreaming of his future.

First he was excited to find the holes in HIS nose. Then he went around the room and found the holes in all of our noses! He was so happy to share his new discovery! Oh my.

Today is best captured by a list.

1. This kid rocks. I am so proud that I get to be his mom.

2. We lived the first part of his life in the oncology unit and today we got to walk past the oncologist and go to the neurologist. Felt like a graduation or victory. Not sure which one, but it was a good feeling.

3. You can grow DNA. Okay, maybe I have been living under a rock, or maybe the person reading this in twenty years will think I am so behind. But today Jonathen’s blood was drawn so they could grow his DNA and check out his chromosones. Really? My mind is blown.

4. I am really thankful to be living in the USA. Children’s hospitals are amazing. I felt myself walking around thinking, wow, this is healthcare in the U.S.? If only we knew how good we have it. Not to mention everyone SPEAKS english. That alone was a tiny victory.

5. Thankful to have a beautiful and healthy SEVENTY pound boy. That seems pretty amazing from his little five pound start.

Everything we thought we knew about anything at all has changed.  Plans we had, packing material we saved, ideas about the future. Our kids. It all changed in that moment when that Dr. came in and said, “I am just going to say it to you straight…” Kristina Murphy

I came into this story late. I was reading through my facebook just a few weeks ago when I caught a friend of mines caring journal post about a friend named Rob. It is funny how life works if you let it. I was attracted to this story, like a beam of light. As I read Rob’s story I was so touched but also found myself asking, why am ‘I’ reading this? There was an overwhelming purpose but I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be. Then I read, Homburg, and in the second that I read they were in Germany, I realized my whole trip to Germany, that has been planned for over a year, was not on accident. It was perfectly timed. So I reached out.

During the planning stages I felt strongly that this session, this is why I have done all the others before. THIS is the ultimate reason of why I do what I do. To capture the love.

We drove to a nearby hillside, only a few blocks from their home. And ironically only a few more from where I used to live. The sun was setting on the hills and the light was beautiful. But even more beautuiful, when my eyes met Rob’s for the first time, my heart melted. The purity, the sweetness, the kindness without even a word is something that will stay with me forever. The kids jumped out of the car with the biggest smiles and I was attracted to their spirit immediately. As in I wish even in this second, for more time with them. Their love is infectious. Then I got to hug Krissie and even got to reassure her that she looked beautiful, just like any other session. Her beauty comes both from within and out. For her strength is something I marvel in. She is someone you immediately want as your best friend.

When it came time to turn my camera on them, I am not sure if they noticed, but there was a tear in the corner of my eye. Not one out of pity, but one out of beauty. There is something we can learn from each of them.


For in my moments with them there was one thing that kept coming to my heart. The beaming smile of their youngest, the sweetness oozing out of their oldest, and the quiet confidence that attracted me to their middle, those are all things I saw in Rob’s eyes. For spending time with them, I felt like I was getting to know him. You surround all of those things with the dedicated love and attributes of their mother and you have three strong examples of love.

Reflecting on them this last week and I have come to one mighty conclusion.

Love lives on.

It is impossible to walk away from this session and not feel like family. For once you have experienced love and strength on such a powerful level, it is hard not to be attacted to it. My message to this family is simple. I will not take my love away. If ever there is something I can do, just ask.

To follow this amazing family on their journey, you may click here: ROB’S STORY

Until Soon,

I went to get a piece of banana bread and it was almost all gone. So I set out to investigate. Who ate all the banana bread? Hmm. Think I figured it out!