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This from a post I made just a year ago…

I firmly believe that life does not happen through coincidence.  Sometimes it is all about a little nudge inside and what you do with it.

This time that nudge was fuzzy. Strong enough to spark an action for what I thought I was supposed to do. But then the details started to fall into place for something larger than I could have imagined or planned myself.

These two. One may think it was a coincidence that they both showed up this day. But I dont think so. Born on the same day. Just hours apart. These two, before we even met, sparked something inside of me.

Just a few days old and they have a message. A message that landed with no coincidence in front of me. And now I share it with you.

Together we can change the world.

It was such a powerful message for me to share. One that I still think about often. So the coincidence that I would be in Germany exactly one year later and both babies were still there, well, that is just plain cool.

So with great planning on their Mom’s part we got together for a little update. This time proved to be much more interesting! Where as the focus was not on getting little babies to sleep, it was getting toddlers to stay put!!!

What a difference a year can make.

I am in love with their little personalities that have emerged and I thought you may be too!

I hope you enjoy my little update as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Until Soon,



Jackson received these dino’s as a gift today from his sweet therapist, Erin. Jackson and his dino’s have become fast friends. I had to giggle when I looked over at this scene. Looks like everyone is enjoying the game!

For every lash may there be a wish that comes true.

Matt’s work has him in and out on trips all the time. It has taken some getting used to, but ultimately we are just happy to have him home when we can. Today he is HOME and immediately the world feels right for me.

If there is one thing that I am thankful for with all this coming and going, it is how I am constantly reminded how much I love my husband.

The boys are so accepting and just seem to go with the flow. Open arms like he never stepped away with the purest of smiles and giggles.

There just seems to be this trend lately that is causing me to reflect even more on the value of a daddy. With my husband away most of the time,  two clients leaving for year long deployments, and even more so, with the story of Rob Murphy; I have been face to face with how much a daddy’s love means to a family.

This lifestyle is not for the weak of heart and brings into light the other side of this story. The amazing mommy’s that I have come to love. The ones that piece it all together and keep the family strong during these times. There is so much worth celebrating.

When I was talking with Brandi about Shane’s upcoming deployment her strength amazed me. She gently said, we have been lucky… we feel it is our turn and fighting it will only make it harder. I know there are women that have never had to live a day without their husbands and here is one, when faced with a whole year apart, has the grace of the strongest.

I have known this family for a few years now and have loved watching their oldest grow. For this visit I got to meet their newest little one, it was so amazing for me. When they got out of the car my heart raced with excitement. In that moment I realized this is far more than a relationship….it is family. For that, I am thankful to have one of the biggest families in this world. All of you.

Thank you for bringing me along and making my world so sweet.

Until Soon,