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If there is one thing that I have learned through your eyes, it is that there are little things to love everywhere. From the texture of the sand to the way the grass grows from the earth, they all bring a smile to your face. My wish is that you never loose your love for the little and that instead you learn that a combination of all the littles brings big happiness.

Jackson wearing Tyler’s hat that he borrowed from Jonathen who just wanted to feel closer to Tyler.

This girl here, she is pretty special.

Our paths almost crossed in Germany when I still lived there. I really wish they would have. She is the type of girl you can spend ten minutes with and you know you will love her for life. Lucky for me I got to do just that. Well, a few more than ten even!

Jess is a photographer too (Jess Renee Photography), one that loves sunflair! So I played with the sun just for her! it was fun to do something so different in a few shots.  Just a few days before her session with me she spent some time with Tyler and I, and made this magical memory (Session with Jess). I find myself watching it every time I miss him and smiling.

Jess has been helping me with my vision for incoporating video into my sessions. I have been working hard behind the scenes for over a year now, wanting to perfect it before I launch. I am excited to say that 2013 may just be the year, finally!

What a gift Jess is… it was so amazing to get to experience the joy of being on the other side of the lens. I have never been more certain that I am doing the right thing. Thank you Jess for reminding me how special our industry is. For people like you and the art we create.

Until Soon,

Serena Nicole

One hundred and six point seven may just be the most fightening number I have ever seen. When I looked down at the thermometer my first reaction was, they go up that high?

My second thought was to call the ambulance. But then my almost 20 years of experience kicked in. Sometimes I am so thankful for such.

Within 15 minutes the medicine did the trick and the fever was down, and continued to plummet throughout the hour. As I sat next to him waiting for the numbers to drop I realized ever so intensly my love for this boy.

He had a rough few hours and got to sleep in his favorite place. The couch in our room. I have never had a couch there before. But our room is so large it needed a filler. It has since become one of my favorite places in our home. At most, for the refuge it creates for my sick little ones.

He has since been to the doctor and turns out a virus is the culprit. Hoping today he is on the mend. Even so, thankful for my time with my sweet roomate.

There are these moments. Moments when I look at my husband and I feel whole heartedly that we are perfect for one another. That we have created something magical.

After breakfast we decided to take the boys to our trail in the woods to see how it faired in the storm and to do a little clean-up. The moment we stepped into the woods I took in a deep breath as I watched all three boys run ahead and find their own. Jon reached for a big log and worked hard to move it out of the path. Jack found the perfect stick to go with his pine needles, and Matt went to lend Jon a hand…and I, I just soaked it all in.

We continued on our path, clearing it of all the big debris and Matt looked over at me with the sweetest smile, professed his love for me and then thanked me.

There is magic in these woods. A peace that we rarely get to enjoy. A moment away from the what if’s that our military life gifts to us. A moment to celebrate what we have created and to feel the connection that is.

I wish you could see how far you have come. How now when you see something to climb you jump up without hesitation. How you try new things and often excel with a smile. Perhaps this little picture can remind you, that all things are possible when you work hard. For life is about balance. You lean a little this way to learn and lean a little that way to enjoy your efforts. I am so proud of you.