Monthly Archives: April 2013

My middle is a snuggler, our little not so much. So this moment is extra special for all of us. Jonathen getting to be the big brother he loves to be and Jackson smiling right through. If Jonathen had his way they would sit this way all the time! Oh, these two. I love them so.

So this week was Jackson’s official first week of school. He absolutely loves it. On his second day he ran up to his teacher with hippity hoppity feet he was so excited! It is such a blessing that he can be getting some time with friends that it has made this week easy for me too.

Just a few weeks ago we got the official word. Our sweet Jackson was diagnosed with Autism. Before you get the chance to think this may be sad news, I assure you with all that I am, that it has been an amazing ride. I have never met someone so full of genuine joy. He has taught me more in his short three years than anyone could imagine. I feel so blessed to be his Mom and lucky to be given such a gift.

We look forward to growing with our Jack…whatever he needs, wherever he takes us, I know it is going to be beautiful. How did I get so lucky?