Monthly Archives: May 2013


While driving along the road this last winter, I was amazed by how the world transformed. The trees without their leaves take on a whole new shape. In this fascination, a little wooden bridge that I had never noticed in the plushness of the summer caught my eye. I have been waiting for a nice warm day to arrive so Jack and I could go and explore.

As our feet clunked across the wooden path we heard the trickling of water.  Jackson took off in a sprint toward the noise. I followed closely behind and in that moment I inhaled a breath I am certain has been waiting all winter to come inside. The rush of calmness surrounded my every sense. A little waterfall spilled underneath our path. Jackson immediately dipped a stick and watched as the water tried to pull away. I sat down beside him and watched him play. I could feel the peace rushing through me and in watching him, I could see it rushing through him too. In that instant I realized we were two of the same. This unspoken connection was so strong it was as if I had a glimpse inside his purpose. His world, our world is about stripping down to simplicity and finding yourself instead of looking to the chaos of the world to lead your way.

I can barely articulate the peace I felt in that moment, the connection was so pure. If this is a glimmer to what my little one has to share with this world, take note.

We sat and played and interacted so freely for the next hour. He told me stories about the jungle, we played with sticks as he dipped his feet into the water, socks and all…

We were not home even five minutes before he walked over to me and said “go to the jungle again”. ¬†Oh yes Jackson, we will go to the jungle again for sure.

Until Soon,