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Even those handsome tough guys have a tender giggly side…

Sneak Peek

Love his smile!

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Some of you may remember when I was pregnant with Jackson when we all, including the doctors and ultrasound tech, thought I was having a little girl. During the months of pregnancy I taught myself a few braids on my own hair. I spent hours practicing and the fishtail was always my favorite.

Fast forward a few years and one little boy later, oops, and I still have a love for the fishtail. This weekend when I met this sweet little girl and saw this dress I squealed out loud! Then I quickly asked Mom if I could make two little fishtail braids to go along with it.  She agreed and I am in love with what we created.

Sneak Peek Amanda

Who knew that all of that braiding would pay off one day? The best part was seeing how joyful she was to have her hair braided! It warmed my heart for sure.

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A little love from LITTLE Rock. Oh, how I LOVE this family. Getting to watch them grow and capture their love over the years is pure bliss.

I just can’t help but smile.

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I decided we should call this post what it is! Stranger Anxiety, it happens to the best of our little ones. It is a valuable stage in the overall growth of development but not so great when it is time for your pictures!

Or so you may think. What if I told you I have an approach that works almost every time…well how about I just show you!!!

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Those smiles just melt me! At the end of the session I even got to pick her up for a quick little snuggle. Both of her lovely parents gasped and said that just doesn’t happen!

I feel beyond lucky to have this sweet family in my life.

I have been lucky enough to capture their love in Germany, Virginia and now in the Southwest in Arizona! You may recognize this little one from last year…here she is just one year ago:

Blog 8

It is so amazing to get to watch her grow up right before my lens. Thank you for coming along!

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Our sessions are always full of so much fun!!! Another little cutie that grew up right before my lens this year!

Weed 08 BW SP

I can’t wait to share more with you very, very soon!

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