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February, oh February. How did you pass so quickly yet feel so long! It was a big month full of snow storms, big boy beds, book writing, flu bugs, olympics… I feel like I could go on and on. I wasn’t able to capture the everyday like I had hoped or even video as much as I wanted and I crave more Jonathen in this movie, but here we are. Simple as we should be.

No matter what, there is always love here…

There was a little ball of fun at this session with the cutest curls, I bet you cannot guess who it is! She was a riot and the best part were how great her big sisters were in celebrating her fun! They were quick to jump in and laugh with all of us as we laughed with her. It made for a very fun session for me and my tummy hurt from all the laughing!

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Even so, I loved my quiet little moments with the older girls. They had such sweetness to share with me.

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You can see why they all are smiling, so, so much love!

And the wise Jack says, “magazines are old people comics.”

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Some days he is wise beyond all of our years.

We had to wait all day for everyone to be home at the same time. We wanted to wish you a special happy birthday even though you are all the way across the ocean. The light was fading, everyone was hungry, Jack wanted down, it was complete birthday chaos. But do you know one thing? There is never a day, even in the middle of chaos, that you are not a part of us. We love you, we miss you, and I just hope you can feel the love. Happy Birthday from your crazy family! Hope you enjoyed your birthday song.

37-365 blog

It doesn’t take much lately for you two to hang out. Jack loves to watch you build in minecraft. You are sweet enough to include him in making choices and me, I just soak it all up. Because this is what our family is all about, enjoying those little moments when age doesn’t even matter.

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