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Remember this, YOU can achieve anything if you try. Sometimes fear is quick to rush in and take away your anything. Tonight though, that was not the case. I loved watching you master the art of the canon ball. Who knew you had such ups and so much splash.

Canon Ball


After I caught this you begged me to try. So for you I did. It took more gumption than I thought it would. I was nervous! I had to push through and be strong for you and when I did I couldn’t believe how much water rushed through every which way. A year ago, that would have been enough to make you stop trying. Tonight though, you impressed me by doing it over and over until you got it. So proud of you!


Every morning you stand at the top of the stairs and say “Good Morning” as you wait for someone to answer. Then you start your way down the stairs where I always seem to meet you half way.

You greet me with the sweetest smile and it starts my day off smiling too.

Good morning my sunshine…

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