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The thunder rumbled outside and the music played on the inside. The dice were rolling and the smiles were contagious. Finally, several moments of pure bliss and I had no idea what was coming next. After our game, while Jonathen hunted for our next game, you came to me arms up high and asked me to dance. I scooped you up and you snuggled in. I could feel it within every ounce. Connection and surrender. One of the most beautiful feelings that you have taught me to cherish and not take for granted in this world.

August 3 blog

So we danced, and danced, song after song. My arms ached with all 47 pounds of you, but it didn’t matter. For I know one day you will be too big to dance in my arms…

I am so thankful for sunday afternoons, for today this home became OUR home. Filled with contagious smiles and beautiful connection. May we be blessed with many more.

Most days I just crave a glimpse. A glimpse into your world. Your eyes tell a story like none other.

Jack Ausust 2 blog
When our eyes meet, even for just one minute I melt right in. I study, I treasure, I feel giddy within. For a minute in your world is worth a million in mine.