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Even those handsome tough guys have a tender giggly side…

Sneak Peek

Love his smile!

Until very soon,


Some of you may remember when I was pregnant with Jackson when we all, including the doctors and ultrasound tech, thought I was having a little girl. During the months of pregnancy I taught myself a few braids on my own hair. I spent hours practicing and the fishtail was always my favorite.

Fast forward a few years and one little boy later, oops, and I still have a love for the fishtail. This weekend when I met this sweet little girl and saw this dress I squealed out loud! Then I quickly asked Mom if I could make two little fishtail braids to go along with it.  She agreed and I am in love with what we created.

Sneak Peek Amanda

Who knew that all of that braiding would pay off one day? The best part was seeing how joyful she was to have her hair braided! It warmed my heart for sure.

Until Soon,