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My littlest love all curled up tonight, cuddling in my bed…
Jack bed bw sm blog

lucky, lucky me.

This has been the hardest thing to keep quiet about, because all I wanted to do was share how proud I am of my oldest. I wanted desperately to share how I already see the beautiful gift he was given and even more so, the pride that swells when I watch him love what he does.

For he gets just as excited as I do. For he sees emotion the way that I do and HE is always in my way because he already knows where the sweet spot is!

You may be wondering what on earth I am talking about.

Serena Nicole Studios is officially becoming a family business. Tyler is joining our team full time as our lead videographer. We have been working for months behind the scenes to create a seamless session experience. So while I am shooting and working with your family he is also creating this at the exact same time:

My long time Serena Nicole Studios friends, do you see what I mean? He gets it. He sees connection and love just the way I do. My heart is so filled with pride and love. Oh and here is a glimpse of what I get to see at work! He is so happy!

Tyler at Work BW sm

It is so amazing to have someone I love so much, love what I do so much that he wants to be a part of it! Tyler is going to college full time for a degree in Accounting in order to get his CPA and then we plan to continue working together far into the future. I feel blessed to have him on the team. I cannot wait to see where we grow this business together.

I really love our clients reactions so far…here is a little of the love mail we have received.

Wow!! You two are an amazing team – these are beautiful images and I really think we will just keep the video on a loop in our living room … forever! It’s just gorgeous! I cannot wait to share it with my family! Thank you both so very much! – Jessica James

Thank you again for a wonderful day! So excited to see what you captured!! You and your son make a great team! – Amanda Nichols

You have such a gift when it comes to capturing people on film. We felt lucky to get to work with you and Tyler. Seems like the videos are going to be a great addition to the business. We have watched the video at least a 100 times already! – Emily Kruckenmyer

We can’t stop watching our video! We have watched it over and over. We even watched it while eating breakfast this morning! Thank you so much for creating such a treasure. – Shelley Easter

Please join me in welcoming Tyler to Serena Nicole Studios! I am so glad he is here.

Until Soon,