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Senior 1 1

We all know that I love working with families and little ones but I have to say working with my high school seniors is so special as an artist. For starters they stay where you put them!! This allows for me to really work on my artistry and set the scene.

I am also a big goof ball at my sessions and well, that makes for some pretty genuine smiles!! I must have fallen 6 or 7 times during this session! We had the best time and the night couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Kaylie was a dream to work with. She is as genuine as they come. I loved when I asked her if she wanted to get wet that she said she just knew that was going to happen! We couldn’t have been a better fit!

What a special night with a special senior – congratulations Kaylie!! We hope you have a wonderful senior year! Senior 1 2

Daniel Promo 1

As I boarded my plane for my first trip of the year my heart was full of mixed emotions. It is always, ALWAYS, so hard to leave my littles and yet I couldn’t wait to see how much some of my favorite families had grown and wrap my arms around them.

I have been lucky enough to get to photograph the Daniel family since there were just two in the Daniel clan. Our relationship started on the beaches of Okinawa, Japan for a couples session. It was such a special session, you could FEEL the love. Then we met back up in Philadelphia to capture their family of four and now twice in Seattle with five! Each time I feel so blessed to get to capture their real and joyful spirit.

Just minutes before we went out the door to our session little P fell down and busted his cute little lip! I think all of our hearts stopped for that split second. Do you know the best part? We just hopped in the car and had the session anyway!

I loved every minute with the Daniel family… I am already looking forward to next time!

Daniel Promo 2

full session 1

There is something magical about a full family session that gets me every time. Don’t get me wrong, we can have so much fun during our mini sessions together and we always get a few great shots, but having SO much time with your family, well that is a dream for me.

I fell in love with the sweetness of this family. They were up for anything and were so trusting. The results were just amazing! You should see the family wall that we created with huge canvas prints, I personally wanted to keep it for my own house! The best part, well just watch this and see:


We even have time to create this special keepsake…your own family movie. So in love.

full session 2

mini session 3There is nothing like the love between a mom and daughter and these two are so special to me! I have been lucky enough to get to know this family since we celebrated little E’s first birthday together. What a beautiful party Mom created for her. So when they signed up for a mommy and me mini session I knew I was in for a treat.

When they arrived for their session it was raining! So we hid out in the car for a few minutes and I just loved it when Mom said we should go for it! We ended up having a fabulous session and the rain only added to the bright green beauty that Florida is so famous for.

I can’t wait to see little E soon for our next session!