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There is something magical about a full family session that gets me every time. Don’t get me wrong, we can have so much fun during our mini sessions together and we always get a few great shots, but having SO much time with your family, well that is a dream for me.

I fell in love with the sweetness of this family. They were up for anything and were so trusting. The results were just amazing! You should see the family wall that we created with huge canvas prints, I personally wanted to keep it for my own house! The best part, well just watch this and see:


We even have time to create this special keepsake…your own family movie. So in love.

full session 2


mini session 3There is nothing like the love between a mom and daughter and these two are so special to me! I have been lucky enough to get to know this family since we celebrated little E’s first birthday together. What a beautiful party Mom created for her. So when they signed up for a mommy and me mini session I knew I was in for a treat.

When they arrived for their session it was raining! So we hid out in the car for a few minutes and I just loved it when Mom said we should go for it! We ended up having a fabulous session and the rain only added to the bright green beauty that Florida is so famous for.

I can’t wait to see little E soon for our next session!


maternity 1

There is something special that happens just a few weeks before baby number two arrives. You start to think about your world of three. How your little one that has been your baby is now growing right before your eyes. How soon he will not be the baby, instead he will be the big brother. A role that will forever be his. A gift and yet you want to hold on to this world just a bit longer.

We love capturing this special time. The time in between a family of three and four. We cannot wait to meet the little princess that will be joining this family in just a few weeks and maybe even more, watching little E grow into a wonderful big brother.

So blessed.


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We all know by now how sweet it is for me to get to travel the world to connect with my clients, but when I travel to a location and then my client ALSO travels just for the chance for us to work together, that takes the cake in my heart. This special family is no exception, they drove across state lines to meet me in Seattle and made a vacation out of it!

Our session could not have been more fun, they were up for anything and the kids had so much fun exploring and were such great sports. Washington State is just beautiful and it was so fun to get share that beauty with them.

I love the connection, both of our families started in Washington years and years ago, so it was neat to share stories of our time in Washington and how much we all still loved it there. What a beautiful morning in every way.

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  • July 21, 2016 - 10:23 am

    Melanie Morales - And we would do it again in a heart beat! It was so good to see you and we are in love with our pictures! You have a special way of capturing the love in families and I would choose you a million times over to take my familiy’s pictures. Thank you again, Serena!!