Remember this, YOU can achieve anything if you try. Sometimes fear is quick to rush in and take away your anything. Tonight though, that was not the case. I loved watching you master the art of the canon ball. Who knew you had such ups and so much splash.

Canon Ball


After I caught this you begged me to try. So for you I did. It took more gumption than I thought it would. I was nervous! I had to push through and be strong for you and when I did I couldn’t believe how much water rushed through every which way. A year ago, that would have been enough to make you stop trying. Tonight though, you impressed me by doing it over and over until you got it. So proud of you!



Every morning you stand at the top of the stairs and say “Good Morning” as you wait for someone to answer. Then you start your way down the stairs where I always seem to meet you half way.

You greet me with the sweetest smile and it starts my day off smiling too.

Good morning my sunshine…

Good Morning Sunshine blog




For the last few months I have been buried deep in the pages of my little moleskin journal. Writing furiously past the point where my little fingers ached. I have been on a mission. A mission close to my heart.

For the last few years I have been working with photographers all around the world to grow their photography business and even more than that, to inspire them to see their worth. Only, I was the one who was inspired most. Watching these girls not only achieve their dreams but often times surpass them, filled my heart in a way not much else could. It made me realize that I had a special way of doing things, a special way that could help so many more.

Only there wasn’t time. Mentoring takes so much of my time and right now my family needs me in a special kind of way. Between my family and running a full time photography studio there is not much time to invest at the end of my day. I just couldn’t wrap my heart around how to make this all come together and happen until one special conversation.

One day in late fall I was talking with my good friend and photographer, Jess of Jess Renee Photography. She encouraged  begged me to write a book. To share my process that had helped her grow her own business. That is when it hit me. I could do this. I could help others all while helping my own family. I was so inspired and thankful.

So the moment my portrait season ended I dug in. I started to get it all down on paper. I thought it would just take a few weeks. Boy was I wrong! It took months and months to get my heart and processes all down. When I finished the last page I teared up and I just knew that my system had the means to help. That is all I ever wanted.

Over the years when I have helped other photographers, there has always been one thing that is the same.  I could talk numbers all day long, but without working on who they were as an artist and their perception of what they were worth, it would never work. Their fear would remain and they may never gather the courage to run their business successfuly. So when I sat down to create this system, I knew I needed to create something different. Not another pricing guide geared solely towards the business side of things. That had been done. Instead, I wanted to create a profit system that was built on successful strategy and words from my heart to gently guide photographers to their worth. In the end, I feel that will create the greatest level of confidence to realize exactly what they should be charging to reach thier goals, their dreams, and why.

I believe I have done just that in creating Peaceful Profit with Serena Nicole.

Now I send it off into the big world. My only wish is to help those that need it most, to be that little voice that helps them reach their goals and dreams.

Come join me here:

Until Soon,


  • March 25, 2014 - 3:56 pm

    Nelou - as always… you are such an inspiration!!!

Jackson Birthday blog

I can hardly believe you are four years old today and at the same time I can barely believe you have only been in our life for four years because it feels like you have always been. You have grown so much this year. You continue to show me what love really is. How life should be lived one moment at a time and how the next or the last do not matter.

For your fourth birthday I wish for you:

– a year full of quiet snuggles that bring you peace

– a year full of belly giggles that make you laugh

– a year full of friendship that brings you connection

– a year full of family that shares your love